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  1. I saw that sale and was tempted too. It is only a 9 yard roll. So I'm wondering if it was really that good of a price compared to the larger bolts at 25 yards. Can someone tell me where the best place is to buy Quilters Dream batting on the roll? Recently I used the wool on a bed quilt and fell in love with it. Did a search and couldn't find the place you ladies referred to before. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies. I did finally get to talk with Amy. She said nothing to worry about, my Millie just missed me ;-) She said that it was leaking out from the gearbox just because of sitting for long periods. I asked if I needed to put some oil back in there and she said no. She also said if it continued to leak out and bother me, I could take out the screws on the bottom of the box and put some silicone in there to help seal it up so it wouldn't leak out. I wiped underneath real good and could tell that there was some all around the box. So all cleaned up for now. Hope this helps someone
  3. Thanks so much Lyn!! I just wanted to hear from someone that it was ok to go ahead and use her. The oil was actually on the metal plate under the machine. So nothing on any fabric. I guess I can't ignore my Millie for so long.
  4. Hi Everyone, Of course it's Friday and APQS hasn't returned my call yet. I haven't used my Millie in a couple months now, and when I went to use her today, I noticed a path of oil on the plate under the machine. I could see it when I moved the head. It is about three inches long, one inch wide. I didn't want to use her or do anything until I asked about it. Most likely it is from sitting and the oil just settled down the wicks and leaked onto the plate. Does that sound right? Doing a search on the Forum, I didn't find anyone else that this happened to. So I guess I'm asking i
  5. Can't imagine why the Old Country Store is closed on Thursday. They only day they usually close is Sunday.
  6. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. Babies are such a wonderful gift from God. Congratulations
  7. When I went to the Road Show where I decided to buy an APQS, it was very helpful talking to people that were there that already had a machine. It was so comforting to hear their stories and how much they loved their machines. So in a big way, it probably helped my decision to buy, and I bet they realize this. Some were trying out the Bliss system which they didn't have yet, some were checking out what was new I guess too. So I would imagine APQS would love to have you. The more bodies in the room, the better it looks ;-)
  8. Thanks Cathy for your input! Originally I was going to do all the sashing like the cornerstones. It would have taken me forever. I layered the light pink print with a iron on backing to give support, then backed it with Steam Magic, then embroidered the all over design. After that you steam the back to make it shrink. After the first 6 hoopings, I decided to do just the cornerstones with what I had made so far. It saved a lot of work just doing the cornerstones, and I'm so glad it is done ;-) Now on to the fun part.
  9. Yes, Rita, twin bed quilt. All ready to be quilted finally.
  10. Thank you all so much for the feedback. Great suggestions. I still can't decide between the two. You all are almost split down the middle between panto and freemotion. I think I wanted you all to decide ;-) Still have to put the border on, so I will keep thinking about it. Sandy P.S. Do you think Tickle Two, http://kmquiltingsupply.net/shop/pantos/tickle-too/ would be a good choice??
  11. Hi Everyone, Would love some suggestions on how to quilt this crazy quilt. Getting close to having it all sewn together, and I'm starting to worry about how to quilt it with all the seams. A panto I would imagine wouldn't be a good idea because of all the trim, so that is out. I've only had my Millie for a little over a year now, but I do feel comfortable with some of the easier free motion designs. Should I just outline each shape with a quarter inch seam, or maybe free motion in each shape??? I would love to hear what you all think. Anyway, here is a picture below, hopefully ;-) This
  12. Do you have any Amish quilts shops around. That is where I go for my fabric. The prices are still in the $7-10 range, which is fantastic compared to my local quilt shops which are running $12+. For some reason, I still have to feel and see the fabric first.
  13. EC, I just saw your post. My DH loves TwelveSouth. He has the IPhone case and won't be without one. No more wallet for him. His phone and cc's are all together. He used the MacBook case for a good while but then stopped because the MacBook gets hot and the case was holding too much heat.
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