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  1. Janette, "i am not sure which machine you have but if it's a lenni your side arms may have dropped a little and need relifting..." I have a Millie, and I'm not sure what you mean by side arms? Maybe I don't have these?? Thanks
  2. I find when I'm stitching close to the back bar it is easy and goes nice and smooth. As I get further away, it gets harder to push around. Anyone else? I agree look ahead of the dot. Like driving a car, you look at the road, not the hood ornament. Thanks Myrna ;-)
  3. Here is a link for the group I was referring to:
  4. Virginia, You need to join some of the Bernina Yahoo groups. They have one for the Bernina 830 and the also for the software. You will find the answers there faster. I still use the ART format and the software will always give you a better design when changing the size. Sandy
  5. Might have better luck on Sewitsforsale website. I see lots of different machines on there for sale.
  6. Hi Dawn, Thanks so much for the quick reply. I think we got it working properly now. For us, I think the key was adjusting the gold screws in small increments. We thought we had done that before, but apparently went too far. The video was great and hopefully it will help others too. Have a great weekend! Sandy
  7. Hi there, We are trying to adjust the thread cutter on my Millie. Brenda sent us instructions today. The first thing they say to do is manually rotate the thread puller arm shaft. It won't move. Ok, next we did tighten up the gold screws considerably until he was afraid to go any further. We were able to get a 1 out of 4 cut. Is there an adjustment for the thread puller itself. Maybe it isn't taking the thread over far enough. Also, how tight can you actually tighten those little gold screws. The instructions were careful to say not too tight. Can you tighten until they won't go any fu
  8. Virginia Yes, take the classes, it will help everything make sense. It is a very easy machine to use once you get used to her. Mine has been a dream machine, 5 or so years now. I was one of the first to get the new 830 when it was released. Be careful of the knobs on the front when you carry her. If I'm taking her in for service, I always lay her down on her back. One of my knobs got damaged early on, they replaced it no charge. You will love not having to use the walking foot any more, at least I don't. The dual feed is fantastic. The jumbo hoop is great too if you like to embroider.
  9. I started with Bernina 730 and then bought the 830 when they came out. Silly me, I was so sure I would never love it like the 730 I refused to trade her in. Anyway, five years later I can't imagine ever loving a domestic machine more ;-) She and my Millie make sewing pure joy! Beautiful stitches, large bobbin, 12" harp area, I'm sure you have read all the stats about her. You should be able to pick up one at a good price since the new machines for this year have come out. BTW, not even looking at the new ones. Sandy
  10. My story would be similar to those who love their Rowentas. I have had mine for so long that I can't even remember where I bought it. She is a workhorse and doesn't require much. I leave the tap water in her and never have had to clean her out. It does have a teflon sole plate which I love because when I get junk on it, all I have to do is scrub it with a scrubbie. I will be so sad when she goes. Sometimes I leave it on standby for days, no problems. She just sits there blinking her little yellow light. I was tempted by the yellow Oliso, but I heard you have to empty the water out every ti
  11. After I had my Millie set up, it was now what!! I did use the pantographs that came with it, but got bored quickly. Then I heard about Angela's classes and tried the negative spaces. It was perfect for me at that stage. I loved being able to watch and listen over and over. That's what it took to get it in my brain I guess. So far, I watched a little of her feathers class but need to follow up and practice a ton. Sorry to hear the new dot to dot doesn't measure up. Nice thing about Craftsy, you can do a return and get your money back, so they say. Haven't needed to yet.
  12. I don't think I've seen one out there yet. One came with my machine and my dealer showed me how to put it on. Really easy, slide it on and go right under the needle with it. The one thing I do remember is she gave me a couple little washers to go under the see through plate where the cutter is on the throat plate. They balanced it out so it would lay flat. APQS sells they, very inexpensive or maybe Home Depot. Call APQS, they will be able to help you.
  13. Sewfree, Millie with the Bliss is a one hand operation for me when I use Pantographs. It is just so smooth. I wouldn't want to be without the extra throat space because I'm lazy about moving the quilt forward, that's just me. The auto advance, you mean people actually have to hand turn their quilts, just kidding ;-) We are very spoiled having our APQS machines, all of them. Good luck with your decision, I'm sure you will fall in love with whichever one you decide on. I bet you wish you had done it years ago like I do. Sandy
  14. Lilly, So sorry to hear about your husband, Joe. Forty-five years, how wonderful for you both. I'm so glad to hear he will be waiting for you. We grieve because we miss them, but have a joy knowing we will be together again with our Lord. Prayers being said for you and your family. Sandy
  15. Another great way to get practice is volunteering to quilt for non profit organizations. I just finished four quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders. They will send you the pieced top, backing fabric and also the binding. You supply the batting and shipping back to them. The quilt tops I received were very well pieced, and quilted up very nice. Best of all, the quilts will go to people who have very little else to call their own.
  16. Another Bernina girl here!! I have the last two TOL, 730E and the 830. Loved the 730 so much I wouldn't even trade her in on the new 830 just in case I didn't bond with the new girl. That was silly, 730 is only used for classes now. Last week at Bernina University, they came out with the new 880 TOL. These machines just keep getting smarter and smarter.
  17. So sweet of you to take an interest in helping her. Bless you!!
  18. What I have been doing, is going to some of these talented ladies web sites and taking note of what pantographs I like sewn out from their pictures they have posted. It really gives you a nice idea of what it is going to look like on fabric.
  19. Absolutely beautiful, loved looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.
  20. All you have to do is go to a quilt show where they have both Tin Lizzy and APQS displayed. One look at the Tin Lizzy set up compared to an APQS will scare you from buying one. At least that's what happened to me. I didn't even bother to try one out to see how it performed. Tin Lizzy looked like a tinker toy compared to the Gammill or APQS.
  21. I called to inquire about the titanium needles from Quilt Tech, and Jim said that APQS doesn't recommend them. Just wondering if other than Jim above, you all are using them anyway? He said instead of bending when they break, they break apart. Newbie wanting to know what to order. Thanks, Sandy
  22. Ok Angela!!! Which do you like better? Especially for a new long arm quilter, which should we buy. When I inquired at the RoadShow, they made it seem like there was no difference, just one sold by another company or the new they are selling. Thanks, Sandy
  23. I noticed on Angela's new Millie she has IQ installed, not Quilt Path. Made me think.
  24. Here's a tip that APQS put up on Facebook this morning: Care and feeding tip: Positioning a new pantograph on your APQS longarm quilting machine is easy with your channel lock. Place your pantograph on the table, move the laser to the bottom edge of the pantograph, turn on the channel lock and move the machine down the table – adjusting the paper pattern as you go. You know your APQS table is square and true, so by using your channel lock you can ensure you've laid the paper pattern out straight on your frame. Once you have the pantograph positioned, you are ready to start stitching! I