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  1. The snow here is Sequim is very pretty, kind of a lot but still pretty. Don't think anyone is going too far today. The 2" of rain predicted is scary since we live on the Dungeness River. Dory are you on Bell Hill or River Road? We live near the Carlsborg area if you know where that is. We are soon off again to warmer climates for awhile but when we get back maybe we can get together and talk about longarm quilting. I own a Millie and love it. Your studio looks great, we are going to build mine soon--still quilting in the garage when it is warm enough (pretty much just the summer months). So I am looking forward to a studio--thinking 20'by20'. I have enjoyed looking at your progress. Carola
  2. Dory I live in Sequim. We moved here in December from Sunny Utah 2 years ago and it is a beautuful area but not as sunny as Utah or California as it is western Washington and it is cloudy a lot of the time. Even with the "rain shadow" from the Olympic Mts. it rains and is cloudy and cold. It is pouring out right now, but I am going to take the dogs for a walk anyway, they love it here. We have never needed to use our air conditioner in our home. I have an existing longarm business and truthfully have not tried too hard to get new customers. Most of mine are mail order from the all the places we have lived in the country. This is very much a retirement community and people are very careful with their money. A great many women do have personal longarm machines, a husband came over the other day and asked me about mine, said is wife wants to buy one for her quilting. I showed him how big they are and told him they might need a studio. Mine is in the garage right now and we have plans to build a studio, so I can only quilt in July-Sept when it is warm enough in the garage. Our new love is square dancing!! They have a very active group here and we joined with a new class last year and have made such good friends and love it. The weather here is not too good for aches and pains but the folks who square dance can keep moving. They are in their 50s to 80s. My husband and I refer this area as an outdoor nursing home because there are people out driving their golf carts on the walking paths, riding bikes, and walking and running. Hiking is great in the summer or in the rain. I joined Red Hats (several groups here) to meet some people and that is fun. I have not joined the guild yet because they meet every week during the day. But I do know that they sponser a quilt show every other year at the Lavendar Fesitval which is in July. Sorry for rambling on but I think if you want to have your business here you can market your services and you will be successful. Welcome and email me if you have any questions. We are snow birding in the winter but will be back. Carol
  3. Okay everyone. I know this has been asked before but what is your favorite panto? And who is the designer. I have gone away from pantos for a while but have seen some really beautiful designs on quilts in quilt shops but don't know what they are. So if you have the time please respond. Thanks Carola
  4. I received my strips in the mail today and they are great. Thanks everyone. Hope to see photos of projects in the future. Carol
  5. Hey fellow strippers When I bought my fabric, the sweet elderly sales lady who cut it for me asked me what I was going to do with Christmas fabric in August. So I told her that I had joined a strip club and that we would all eventually receive 54 strips of fabric to work with. After I realized what I had said, I tried to apologize but she got such a kick out of it that she wouldn't let me take it back! I sent them on Sat. Linda and hopefully you should have them soon. Thanks Carol
  6. I am in. Sounds like fun. I finished my last year's Christmas Block Exchange and it is charming. Your method of delivery sounds more dependable then any of the others in the past. Cheers Carol Salsbury
  7. The templates are sold. Thank you for looking. Carol
  8. I am doing some cleaning before a big move and am going to sell my king zig zag templates. I am asking $475.00 plus shipping. I currently live in Utah and my husband has a new assignment coming up soon. If interested please U2U me. Thanks Carol
  9. Are the templates still for sale? Carola
  10. The pantos have sold. Thank you all for your interest. Cheers Carol
  11. I am cleaning my quilting room and have 14 pantos that I want to sell. Please e-mail me at and I will give you a list of the ones I am selling. Thanks Cheers Carola
  12. The micro drive has been sold. Thanks Carol
  13. I am selling my micro drive. I have a millie, but I think it will work for other machines as well. I am asking $99.00 plus shipping. Cheers Carola