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  1. Awesome! The quilt is beautiful but the quilting made it even more beautiful.
  2. the feather your nest pattern had a pillow pattern, instead of a pillow i made a table topper with the wide border material(6.5") Using quilt path I have been able to place my design in the center and stitch the ditch. what i want to do is make a border around the center block. will quilt path allow you to place a corner with a panto design to make the corner. I did one corner using a single looped heart rotated then made a panto of three looped hearts in the next 3 sqs and repeated the corner rotated the other way. the start lines did not match rotated to straight blocks but it looks okay. I would rather it join nicely and sew in a continuous line from one corner to the next. didn't know how to take out the stops or change the joining stitches. this is my first quilt path project but i would like it to look nice
  3. Thanks for link & info. Amazingly quick help for newbees.
  4. Thanks for all the help. I did just test pull with too thread & it felt even & stitches were nice, no top thread on backing. What is towa guage?
  5. I have loosened the bobbin case tension a crazy amt but case does not slide down thread when gently bounced. Is that normal? Plan for a second bobbin case but just got machine set up 12/6, 1st day to use today.
  6. Brand new to my new Millie. Took the paper bobbin out & put magnetic one in. Bobbin house would not slide down the thread like it did with paper bobbin. I did remove the check spring as instructed. How do I determine correct bobbin tension with magnetic bobbins?