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  1. Quilting Regina


    Thank you, Gator!
  2. Quilting Regina


    Has anyone used CraftOptics before? What do you think of them? Would you recommend them? They’re expensive, but seem like a dream come true. https://craftoptics.com/about-our-products/ Would love to get some opinions. Thanks, Regina
  3. Quilting Regina

    Soft and Stable

    I use it for making purses, bags, and other crafty items. I have quilted it before on my sewing machine, but would like to quilt a larger piece that can be cut into individual pattern pieces. Any hints on how how to pin it, what thread, what needles? Any thoughts from anyone who has quilted it on a long arm machine would be welcomed.
  4. Quilting Regina

    Soft and Stable

    Does anyone have any tips for quilting on Soft and Stable?
  5. Quilting Regina

    Double Batting for Baby Quilts

    Ok. Thanks.
  6. Quilting Regina

    customer quilt won first

    Gorgeous. Congratulations!
  7. Do you use double batting for baby/crib quilts? If so, do you include a wool batting?
  8. Quilting Regina

    Printing on fabric

    I was planning to use Bubble Jet Set for fabric printing, and I have a Cannon. I'm interested in knowing the answer to that question.
  9. Quilting Regina

    Is this normal?

    OK. I'll give APQS a call. Thanks, everyone.
  10. Quilting Regina

    Is this normal?

    I'm not sure what year Lucey I have. I bought it last year used from APQS, and it has the bliss system. The looseness does not seem to be coming from the front of the block, but by the same token, I can't really tell where it's coming from. Can carriage wheels for a bliss system be tightened?
  11. Quilting Regina

    Is this normal?

    When I'm quilting and make a sudden change in direction, there is a bit of a jerk in the head of the machine as if something is a little loose. The handle is tight. Is there something else that I can tighten that will stop this jerking or is this normal?
  12. Quilting Regina

    NRQ Prayers Needed

    Will be praying.
  13. Quilting Regina

    Introducing myself

    Congratulations! There's so much to learn, but you are going to have so much fun.
  14. Quilting Regina

    It'is finished!!!!

    Great job! What size quilt is this, and how long did it take you to do it?