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  1. Thanks for the help posting pictures Linda. Here are April, May and June. Customer is still working on the rest of the year.
  2. Thanks everyone. Went with a Rowentas.
  3. Has anyone used Gutermann thread from Joann's? I got in a bind last week because I needed a specific color and bought a cone. With coupon it was less than $3. It worked great. I am not one to use low quality supplies so I want your opinions. It was poly thread and went on a wall hanging it would not be sat on...so I went for it. Thanks Don
  4. I know I have done this before. I tried to post pictures on a thread titled 6 months of quilting. It let me post 3 then continues to tell me that the photos are to big. What do I do? Thanks Don
  5. My wife wants a new iron for her birthday next week. I need help!!!! What should I get? Thanks Don
  6. I will try again later to get April, May and June to post. Keeps telling me the file is to large.
  7. Really two snow days, but it represents six months. We have a customer that likes small wall hangings. Each is 12" square.
  8. We bought cheep curtain rods but they bent a little over time so I bought 2 foot long 1"x2" 's at Home Depot and duct taped them to the curtain rods and they work great.
  9. Kathy, have you ever over dyed a piece that didn't turn out. One of ours that we intended for a specific quilt back is not as dark as we would like so we erector thinking about trying to dye it again. What do you think?
  10. Kathy, when you pre soak in soda ash...what is the water to soda ash ratio you use? Have you ever used the dye that was left in the tub after snow dyeing to dye coordinating fabric by immersion? Thanks Don
  11. Got it in the washer with Retain now....can't wait to see what we have when it comes out of the dryer. Tonilyn. We used Procion dyes from Darma Trading Company. Kathy's link at the beginning of this post is a great place to start. It has been a lot of fun for my wife and I.
  12. After a long winters nap...snow is still melting and fabric is peeking out enough to make us run to the studio every 20 or so minutes to see what's happening.
  13. We got snow last night!!! I am not sure I have been excited about snow to this degrees uncertain I was a kid. My wife and I just finished our first try. Now a nap while we wait for it to melt. Don
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