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  1. kay, i'm new to the forum and have only seen a couple of your quilts, but i have to say they are exquisite. i want to be you when i grow up!!! and to top it off you live in a very beautiful country. i visited Scotland a few years back and could spend the rest of my life there if my family would only consent to move too. keep posting your pictures, they are truely eye candy. gone to pieces.
  2. hello everyone, just thought i'd update you on the destruction/constuction at my house. this week, the wall came down, had to get an electrician for an unforseen electrical problem, wall patched, carpet measured and ordered, painting starting this weekend, "Lucy" to be delivered on tuesday. room won't quite be ready, but we've made great strides. by this time next week it should all be together. i can't wait!!! decided to order Red Snappers, i don't ever want to pin another quilt on if i can help it. too much time and i always stick myself somewhere!! i am anxious to get going. hav
  3. I agree with LisaC. The quilt top was beautiful, but your quilting was the finishing touch that took it over the top!!! " Exquisite" is the perfect discription. I dream of being that good. You go girl!!!
  4. i am currently using a composition notebook that is gridded and a mechanical pencil. they seem to work well, i am still in the erasing stage. gone to pieces.
  5. hello everyone, i have just ordered a lucey. and yes i can hardly wait for it to be delivered!!!!! however, i still need to take out a wall and make a room big enough for the machine. so i am basically starting from scratch. do any of you have any pointers or tricks that you learned setting up your quilting studio?? mine will be upstairs in what used to be two bedrooms, the room is approx. 14x22 also, from what i have been seeing on youtube tutorials i will need some basic templates and rulers to start out with, what do you recommend?? i have become a serious doodler and my husband is