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  1. A new fav of mine is Quilter's Dream Blend. It has a nice density, but is lightweight. I have had 80/20 flatten out after washing, so I avoid it now. Not enough poly for me. Also, I have found that if you are carefull to quilt evenly and use a larger stitch than usual (I use a 3.5) when attaching the binding by machine, no wavies!
  2. Its sort of hard to see, as the thread matches but here is another shot, maybe you can see the rose quilting better. I just sort of drew onwith air erasable marker in a continuous way...
  3. Thanks guys! And Deloa, I will let my client know to revisit her book. I am sure she will get alot of questions about which pattern it is!
  4. This is a client's quilt, and although the quilting doesn't show that much I thought you all would like to see this one. I had never seen this variation on a log cabin before...
  5. Everytime there will not be a quilt on the machine for even a day or two, I zip together the leaders, mist them up, and then attach my clamps to the canvas. If a quilt backing seems to be a bit wonky I roll the backing back and forth and that helps even the leaders. I did not mark my canvasses like Dawn does, but some times if I have a small quilt, I will use the center as a mark for the edge, provoded I know the quilt is square. My canvasses are bit stretchy after 2 years on a 12 ft table, but not bad...
  6. Pre-wash and machine dry (hot) the batting if you are using cotton. Most quilt shrinkage comes form the batting. If you are using poly, use low loft. Remember, you can always trim an additional border down after quilting, but you can't add after the fact.
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