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  1. Hopefully, posting the pic works this time Karen.
  2. I hope I post this picture correctly. What's the best way to quilt this nursery rhyme quilt? It has nine blocks total. Should I meander around the applique, echo quilt or McTavish? Or something else? I know I'll get great ideas from y'all!! Thanks, Karen.
  3. I just got off the phone w/Deloa. Her cell phone battery just died. Not sure if she was at home, though. My fellow rider just cancelled going to camp, so if there is anyone from the Metro Detroit area who wants to share the drive to Ohio, please let me know.
  4. Oops, I just read your post again & went to the site to see the template! Looks great!!! Karen.
  5. Carol - do you have a pic of the new template? Sounds very interesting!! Karen.
  6. Thanks for all of your support. I managed to grit my teeth and JUST DO IT!!! I was up til 2:00am, sweating, but I did it!!! I'm now ready to load a lap quilt using thespiral template. I think I put randomly-placed spirals, then do smaller free-hand spirals in & around those. It looked good on my practice piece. Quiltfaerie, taking the wheels off was a huge fear of mine also, but I kept thinking - if other people have done this, so can I - Thanks for cheering me on!! Beth, I cannot afford to let this baby sit and not be used!! Beverly, I too have the BF template & that's wha
  7. Just received my CL and am afraid of the adjustments required to install , ie. raising my leveler and quilt top bars and machine head. Can other CL owners spare some support/encouraging words so I can continue the installation process w/o trepidation? Any tips to make the installation process easier is appreciated!! Thanks, Karen.
  8. Shana, that's a beautiful room - a clean slate!! Your DH worked really hard to build all that!!! !! Karen.
  9. Excellent work Ruthie!!! That's one design I'll have to remember!!! Karen.
  10. Joann, speaking of comfort zones, I'm still cotemplating whether I should make a big investment in the CL or not. Do you use yours a lot? Has it paid off for you? Karen.
  11. My September issue of Unlimited Possibilities Mag just arrived and Claudia's award-winning quilt is on the cover!!! YEAH!!! If anyone else subscribes to this magazine, you'll also see Birgit Schuller highlighted as in International quilter !! YEAH!!! And Cheryl Uribe is the spotlighted teacher on page 12. YEAH!!!! Ladies, as it has been said before here, you're work is amazing and awe-inspiring!!! Karen.
  12. Sue, I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm glad you felt comfortable to vent w/us!!! We're here to support you!! No one, stranger or loved one, has the right to call anyone names (or kick an animal)!! I just had an incident last weekend w/my brother when he called me ignorant!! (Totally surprised me but later learned he, too, had some mood issues earlier that morning) I just CALMLY said, "That wasn't necessary and it certainly doesn't advance the discussion." It totally disarmed him!!! He had no power because I didn't 'react'. Hope it all works out for you!!
  13. I'm a newbie and don't understand the reason why a lot of LA'ers don't like Mountain Mist batting. My MIL gave me a top to quilt w/Mountain Mist batting. It didn't seem to be any trouble for me. Can someone explain why a lot of LA's don't like it? Thanks.
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