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  1. Am looking for a lightly used Avante with studio table in the NC area.
  2. will you sell separately? If so, how much for each? Thanks Deb
  3. I got red on my white fabric on my quilt so I put in washer with 3 color catcher and red came out of my quilt. I had even ironed it.
  4. You could check with Valerie at virginia long arm.
  5. I would like a set of these if anyone has a set for sale. Thank you Debbie
  6. What do you do when your bobbin tension is uneven? It seems like the bobbin winder is winding bobbin uneven.
  7. What are the best rulers to start with? For curves and for circles? Thanks Debbie
  8. I too am interested in a set of books. Does anyone have another set and if so, how much. Thanks Debbie
  9. I like Digitech and Quilts complete. I especially like Patricia Ritter's patterns Deb