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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering where I can get info on the circle lord, and how much is it?
  2. I would suggest floating the top. don't pin at all until you have the back and bat pinned and taught good luck Laura
  3. thanks for all your tips i'll try them all I do use plexiglass but not as big as suggested, thanks again:D
  4. I do alot of block designs where i place them on top of the quilt and use my laser (to eliminate marking) but I have trouble with them shifting while I quilt, any suggestions? Laura Millennium quiltinmommy
  5. Hi Terry, thanks for the reply, yes, I do pull them both up to the top, but most of the time I end up with nests on the bottom and it looks terrible, no one has said anything about it but it just really bothers me. maybe I'm taking too many stitches in the same area when starting
  6. ok that helps but how do you prevent the little birds nests on the back I have a really hard time with that. I do alot of block designs therefore lots of start and stops.:cool: thanks Laura
  7. I seem to only have tension trouble when I use variegated thread, any suggestions> Laura L.A. Machine quilting Illinois
  8. aughhhhh! I need help with my starts and stops to help make them more invisible, anyone have any suggestions? thanks,, Laura L.A. Machine quilting Illinois
  9. What is the trick to feathers, do you do each individually or overlap into the next feather? I love to do them but feel they're not good enough for a customers quilt. If anyone has any suggestions, I would b greatful.:
  10. I always trim because most people don't have the space to trim it themselves, and like said previously, it makes for a more finished look. I have never had anyone complain, yet;)