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    ffq-lar got a reaction from Zora in NY Beauty   
    Looks like I posted twice! Here's a bit of the quilting. Thanks for looking!
    (Anyone figured out how to delete a post? All I can find is "edit".)

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    ffq-lar got a reaction from delld in Quilt Path!!   
    Lovely! Especially the intricate block design. You go girl and learn it all so we can have you teach us!
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    ffq-lar reacted to GrandmaLKB in Been there, done that...............   
    Well, I have completed one more thing on my "wish list" as far as quilting. I entered and was accepted to show Bali Wedding Star at the Des Moines quilt show. I was there yesterday and got to see MY quilting hanging at a National Quilt Show. How exciting is that? I will probably never do it again, but I was very honored to be accepted. I received many nice remarks from fellow quilters at the show as well as many of the vendors. It was a fun day and nice to share with my quilting friends who were with me.
    Congratulations to all the winners............a lot of FABULOUS quilts on display.
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