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  1. It is just a word people type in to move the ad to the top of the list....they could type in any word.
  2. With the Ultimate II frame, you will have to bring the sides down so the bars are close to the sewing machine head bed. As you rotate the quilt, the sides will have to be adjusted up. Do you have a manual? I sold an Ultimate II to a friend and she might have a book.
  3. Wonderful. So sweet of Roland to pass along the ribbon and evaluation form.
  4. Hi, Call Apqs, I've done this and thought it was scary. You have to loosen the collar on the shaft, shove the shaft back and don't turn ANYTHING because the teeth have to line back up when you move that shaft forward again. Remove the hopping foot and then move the shaft forward and tighten the collar back up. Definitely call APQS first before doing this. Michele
  5. WAY TO FUNNY. Definitely a wedding memory that will never be forgotten. Bless your heart for actually sharing this moment . Michele
  6. Try IDye Poly. Our Joanns carries it. I haven't used it to dye yardage but have used it to make iron on transfers. Dharma's probably has more info on it. Michele
  7. Monika, I'm interested, I think I sent you a message if I did it right. Thanks Michele
  8. Sylvia, I make soap and have NOT looked at this video. I agree with what Bonnie says above. Just starting out I think I would make a smaller batch of soap also. I use the Hot process method as I don't care if the bars are ugly, they are just for personal use. I'm glad you found lye, next time I'm at Lowes I'll look and see what they have. Always good to have a second source. I usually get mine from the Mennonite quilt shop. Have fun with making soap and please stay SAFE!!! As you are so sensitive to soap I don't think you should add any fragrance which can be a skin irritant. J
  9. bumping this up so maybe DeLoa will see it. Michele
  10. I went to your blog and see that you are in Ohio. I am moving back to Mansfield Ohio next weekend. If you give me a chance to unpack a little and set up my Ult. 1 with intellistitch you are more than welcome to try it out. At least you could try it out so you know what to or not to look for. Michele
  11. Hi Pat, Does your Ult 1 need the white ring on the hopping foot to do ruler work. If so I have some stuff and a few of the rings that we can talk about privately. Right now I'm not sure how to post privately but I'll try to figure it out. I'm actually trying to pack because we are moving so I'm not sure if I've packed them or not, but I will look. Michele
  12. Helen, I guess the belt is okay because I did check the one we could access. It is slightly frayed though so I should probably change it anway. I'm not sure how old the I/S is. I bought the machine with it installed in 07. Since Zoltan only lived less than an hour from me he let me run it down to him. He said it was one of the first apqs machines he had done. I don't know when the company started, so between then and 2007. It is a 2001 ultimate 1, so between 2001 and 2006.??? He was extrememly kind to me!!!! That is a great price for the motor. I'll keep you updated when I get the new b
  13. I will try to be more specific. It is loud growling and vibrating. Sometimes it cuts out completely for a second and then starts up again. Everything is level. Grease has been checked and in my opinion okay. My husbands diagnosis is the motor. I/S did tell me to check and make sure the pulleys are tight but without completely removing all of the I/S from the back of the machine I'm not sure how to check ALL of the pulleys. (the original ones on the machine). I'm scared to death to remove all the electronics to check the original pulleys. Maybe I'll take another look later today. Any advic
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