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  1. Thanks Jim. I'm willing to try anything at this point. Kathy
  2. My machine is having the same problem that it had about a year ago but, it is considerably worse this time. When we quilt in either regular or SR mode, the machine will fun for about 2 second and then stop stitching. Last time we had this problem, we changed a board (I think) and added something that was to help with errant currents and static electricity. This appeared to help a little bit last time but, my husband decided that maybe we needed more humidity in the room so we bought a humidifer. This seemed to help a bit more still but, now, the machine will only run for a couple of second
  3. I've sent an email to that address and so has my husband. I'll check out the other forum. Thanks, Barb! Kathy
  4. We've checked the brushes, blown out the carbon shavings in the motor, changed the fuse and checked all of the connections we can possibly think of.
  5. Sorry, I just realized that you asked about the grounding clip. Yes, we have that. Amy also sent some kind of electrical protection that goes on the top of the machine on one of the circuit boards. This is happening on both sets of handles....front and back.
  6. LOL...it always breaks on Friday evening or on long holiday weekends!!!
  7. Hi Ladies, I'm having the same problems again. We changed some boards last time and still had the problems...just not as frequent. My husband was concerned that the humidity or lack of humidity. in the room might be causing some of the problems. We purchased a humidfier and that seemed to make the machine behave a little bit better. Now, I'm having the same problem, except the machine will only run for about 2 seconds before stopping the stitching. This happens in both manual and SR mode. I just want to get this fixed once and for all. It's so frustrating! Especially when you have
  8. Dawn, I'm having the same problems as Janice with my machine stopping. It will start right back up, but it is frustrating to be quilting along and have it just stop. Can you send me those same documents? Thanks, Kathy Tattershall