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  1. It's perfect. What size is it? What company built it for you? I love the picture with the dramatic looking sky.
  2. Hi All! Ginkgo ($40) and the Square Spiral ($55) are the only items left:)
  3. Curved cross hatch is sold. Everything else is still available:)
  4. Debbie, send me an email telling me which one you would like. My email is Litlquilter@comcast.net. Thanks! Lori, I sent you an email:)
  5. I have some Circle Lord templates for sale. I am asking half off of the retail price plus whatever shipping is. They are: Curved Cross-hatch $60; 17” Sunburst $60; Aztec $40; Mini Aztec $30; Aztec book $10; Gingko $40; 1” Spiral $55; 5/8” Spiral $60; Square Spiral $55 If anyone is interested, send me a message or email me at Litlquilter@comcast.net. Thank you!!
  6. It took me three months to come up with Just Sew Classy. Everytime I thought of a name I did a search on the internet to see if a website already existed, searched domain name websites, searched the US Trademark Office to make sure it wasn't taken and searched the county fictitious business names. Once you come up with a name, consider registering it with the US Patent & Trademark Office so no one else can take it. Also, consider doing the fictitious business name with your county. Another bit of advice would be to not do any off-spelling, such as "Kwilt Shak." Too hard for people to remember. And try not to have too many words in the name. I hope I didn't just take the fun out of this! I got all this advice from an attorney and I trust it to be true:)
  7. I change mine probably every five quilts. I do 99% pantos and I don't like really dense quilting so this seems to work for me.
  8. I'm with Sharon, I also have a Nolting PRO 24 and love it. You really gotta try them all and decide which one feels the best for you. Take into consideration the tables, too. I love Nolting tables and they have a bar on the bottom that I can fit two rolls of batting on them. And the customer service is awesome.
  9. Marilyn, I also am not Bonnie, but I can tell you that I like to use Hobbs 80/20 as well:)
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