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  1. I agree --Willow Leaf Studio. Urban Elementz is good, but their patterns are more dense and I don't always like dense pantos. WLS has lots to choose from.
  2. Hello New Bride! Great colors in this quilt. I would do a panto with some points/leaves in it. One of my favorites is Fire Flower, which I got from Willow Leaf Studio. I'm thinking of a thread that would blend so you see the texture of the quilting. Just a thought!
  3. Great job. The site is wonderful. Very user friendly. Wishing you much success!
  4. Between the two I prefer QD. To me it has a better feel to it and I love the way it quilts.
  5. He is! The sweetest little thing and he sure loves his mommy:)
  6. Angie, that is beautiful. I have the Sakura, but haven't used it yet. I'm going to use it when I quilt mine:)
  7. Sandra, I know what you mean. You never know what fabrics are going to end up touching. It's great when you need something quick and it really was fun:)
  8. I need lots of light and my husband put the flourescents over my machine.
  9. Meg, I just pieced this last Saturday. It's approximately 50x60 without the borders. Nice little lap size. BTW, the dog on there is not applique:P
  10. This is Logan, the love of my life, my little shadow. Logan is taking a quick break from helping me by checking out the activity outside:)
  11. I use QD Puff and it's great. Really shows off the quilting.
  12. Thank God for pantos! Some of us just are not good at freehand:P Your quilting looks great:D
  13. I have not personally used it, but was recently at a quilt retreat where the teacher was using it on the longarm. She said she loves it and has no problems with it.
  14. They are all great! Love all the movement in the first one. Good job:)
  15. Love it! Great pattern to show off great fabric. And your quilting is wonderful, too!
  16. Sandra, I would not have anything to do with her EVER AGAIN! She has caused you enough stress. My God, for her to be this upset about a quilt backing?! There are people dying, for crying out loud! She needs to get over herself. You did all the right things and you do not need to do anything further for her. Good riddance to her.
  17. It took me three months to come up with Just Sew Classy. Everytime I thought of a name I did a search on the internet to see if a website already existed, searched domain name websites, searched the US Trademark Office to make sure it wasn't taken and searched the county fictitious business names. Once you come up with a name, consider registering it with the US Patent & Trademark Office so no one else can take it. Also, consider doing the fictitious business name with your county. Another bit of advice would be to not do any off-spelling, such as "Kwilt Shak." Too hard for people to remember. And try not to have too many words in the name. I hope I didn't just take the fun out of this! I got all this advice from an attorney and I trust it to be true:)