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  1. I have a banker's box of 2-1/2" strips that I keep adding to. I'm going to a retreat in Lake Tahoe at the end of the month and plan on taking this box with me to make at least a couple quilt tops from it. I save other random pieces for applique also. I do not throw anything away. What I do is keep a large garbage bag going of small pieces I would not keep and every couple of months I give the full bag to a lady in my quilt group who takes the scraps and uses them to make dog beds for the local animal shelters.
  2. The following Pantos are for sale for $10 each plus shipping. Many never used. If interested, send me a U2U or email at Sweetheart [Gali Design] - 6" - SOLD Basketweave [Gali Design] - 8" - SOLD Fancy Free [Timless Quilting] - 8" - SOLD Seaweed [Lorien Quilting] - 4" - SOLD Mums [Threadsongs] - 8" - SOLD Paisley Playtime [Lorien Quilting] - 6" - SOLD Knotty [Gali Design] - 8" - SOLD Ruffle Flower [splendid Stitches] - 10" - SOLD Tea Rose [Lorien Quilting] - 7" - SOLD Flowing Feathers [Lorien Quilting] - 8" - SOLD Raindrops [stone House Designs] - 5" - SOLD Plumage [Willow Leaf Studio] - 11" - SOLD Feathered Curls & Roses [Timeless Quilting] - 6.25" - SOLD Fancy That [Homelines] - 5" - SOLD
  3. Thank you everyone! He did a great job making it.
  4. I saw a five foot quilt ladder in a magazine for about $80. My husband made me this for a fraction of the cost and it is much taller!
  5. Very odd indeed. Dan is one angry dude. Linda S, you handled him so well. We are all proud of you!
  6. I work in a law office. Small claims court does not take a lot of time and energy and it's an easy process. I believe it is well worth it, especially since you have made many attempts to get your money. Document everything, tell this to the judge and go from there. It's garbage that this person did this and she is obviously full of excuses. If I were in your shoes, I would turn into a pitbull and not let this person take advantage of me. BTW, we all remember you:)
  7. Now that I can buy wholesale, I buy directly from QD. However, I used to buy from Quilternatives at Terri is the owner and really great to work with and the prices are good, too.
  8. Yeah, what Joann said:P Your prices are great. I love pantos and like the more flowy pantos that are not really tight. Nesting is great because then it really does look all over rather than in rows. The first one reminds me of the popcorn panto. I like it. The second one I would not choose because it's not as forgiving.
  9. Mona, you are getting a lot of hits on this post, but no replies here. You may want to take the time to list items separately because most people may not need every single thing you have. Just a suggestion. You may have better luck getting rid of everything. Good luck.
  10. One day I decided to do my binding all my machine. I sew it to the front and then turn it to the back and stitch in the ditch and it looks great. This was years ago and I haven't done it by hand since:D
  11. OMG Michael! Oma, your explanation had me laughing. I could just picture it. That's one mistake you will never make twice:D
  12. Wow. Amazing with the two color choices how different they both look. Yours looks peaceful and restful and Roger's looks so vibrant. I love them both!
  13. A lady in my quilting group quilts for very "cheap." When I asked her why she said it was because she loves being able to help other quilters who can't afford the more expensive quilting and it's her way of helping people. Her work is wonderful, too. I changed my mind from thinking she was crazy to thinking she was very kind:)
  14. Good idea, Linda! That will save me a few $$ Thanks for the suggestion.