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  1. Norece, you are making me laugh!! Joann, what you said about technical problems certainly makes sense. I have never had a problem with my machine and one of the reasons I come to this site is because I like the way it is organized and anyone can get answers regarding stencils, pantos, threads, batting, etc., just like you said. There is such a wealth of information here, it's wonderful! Gable
  2. Linda and Carol, thank you for the explanation. I also don't know much about the home systems. I have a Nolting which costs me thousands of dollars and I have to say I am happy with it. Like Quiltingnut said, those with the smaller home systems will most likely upgrade to the bigger systems one day, but until then they will have to work with what they have and I think it would be great to be able to help them out, too. Goodness knows I need lots of help and this is one of my favorite sites to find it. Gable
  3. I love this site because it has so much useful information for all quilters no matter what brand machine they have, but I understand what Quiltingnut is saying. When it comes right down to it, all brands of quilting machines do the same thing--quilt. I've also noticed sometimes if someone does a post and actually admits they do NOT have an APQS machine, their posts get almost no replies. I feel bad for those quilters because they want answers, too, and you have to admit, this is a great place for answers:)
  4. Barbara, your husband sounds like a great guy:) Gable
  5. What does it mean on the description of a panto when it says "2 rows = 15 inches"? Does it mean that if 15 inches is too big for my machine that I can just do one row at a time? Thank you everybody. Gable
  6. Thank you to those who replied. Raquel, yes it's me:) I will call you to make plans to come over. Gable
  7. I am looking for a video or book on panto how-tos. I know Donita Reeves has a video. Any others you all might suggest? Thank you in advance. Gable
  8. Sherry, your quilts are wonderful and I especially love the weiner dog quilt!! Gable