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  1. I want little fabric labels with my company name on it to stick inside the purses/bags that I make. Does anyone know of a good company to use? Thanks in advance!
  2. I would suggest you call Gammill directly and ask what the going rate is and go from there. Good luck.
  3. Wow Darlene, this is great news! You have some very talented ladies in your family:)
  4. Thank you Linda Rech for emailing me instructions on how to post pics! Now I have no excuse not to post anything:)
  5. Logan is my little shadow and always hangs out with me when I sew, quilt, read or whatever!
  6. All your reply posts are great! Thanks for the support. I know there are lots of pet lovers on this site and after all, if someone doesn't like animals, there's something wrong somewhere:D Vanessa is 9-1/2 and her face is all gray. She acts like a puppy sometimes. Logan just turned 9 and he is my little shadow. They are spoiled rotten:)
  7. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I feel sorry for people like that because there really is no reason to be rude that way. I'm not even upset about it. It's more like I can't believe someone could be that way to a total stranger. Their problem, not mine:D
  8. Thanks Linda! Vanessa Michelle is on the left and Logan Michael is on the right.
  9. Linda Rech, I sent you an email. Kathyd, I didn't notice the beach chicken profile pic. The doxies are mine, but the dog I made the quilt for belongs to my daughter and the dog is a pit bull. I can only imagine the comments that person would have made over that! I have a saying and it goes, "You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat an animal." That person's feelings towards dogs says it all in my book.
  10. Linda Rech, I will email it to you in a minute... Linda, thank you so much. It will be interesting to see if this person responds.
  11. I would love to post it here, I just don't know how!
  12. I'm stunned. I posted a picture of a quilt that I just finished on the Superior Threads Facebook Page and someone made a totally rude comment about the picture. My dogs happen to be on the quilt and this person said my dogs are stupid! How rude. I responded with what I hope was a nice response. I just don't get it.
  13. My CL giant templates are stacked on the floor and I need to do something with them. Some good ideas above. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I love the QD batts. Just finished a quilt using the Poly Deluxe and it's wonderful. The quilting shows up really nice. I also have a roll of the Puff. I will probably add a roll of the wool, too.
  15. Did you have a slight moment of regret that the machine wasn't there?
  16. I have a side business where I make and sell quilts and purses. I contacted several pattern companies asking for permission and all of them, but one, said yes and they appreciated me asking. This article has good information.
  17. I reported all the Smartty posts as spam/junk. Why don't these people find something better to do, for crying out loud.
  18. I change mine probably every five quilts. I do 99% pantos and I don't like really dense quilting so this seems to work for me.
  19. I'm doing a quilt with Omni right now and it's turning out great. It's a great thread.
  20. I think I have the only husband who likes short hair! If my hair gets to my shoulders, it's too long for me. I like it short and sassy because it's quick. I'm starting to get some gray strands and I actually like the way it looks! Go figure:)