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  1. Kathy, I don't have an APQS machine, either, but I hang out here because I love the way this forum is organized. If you want to know something about Circle Lord, go to the Circle Lord messages. It's that simple:) BTW, I love the CL boards that I have and you can't go wrong with any of them. Have fun!

  2. I have several CL templates that I do not use. They are:

    Heartz - $55 - SOLD

    Starz - $55 - SOLD

    Ovals - $50 - SOLD

    Stella - $55 - SOLD

    Diamonz - $50 - SOLD

    Spiro Thingy - $55 - SOLD

    Quilting Quartet Book - $20 [this gives patterns for the Heartz, Ovals, Starz & Stella] - SOLD

    Prices include shipping! Send me a U2U or an email at

  3. Originally posted by Ardelle Kerr

    Originally posted by gable428

    I may be "wrong" in the eyes of some people, but I don't pay too much attention to where something is made. Also, in this economy, if I can find something online that is cheaper than it is being sold for at my LQS, I'm going to get it online.

    Then don't be surprized when you run down to your LQS for a spool of thread and she has gone out of buisness....

    Then thank goodness for the internet. Let's face it, for those of us who quilt as a hobby, it can be expensive. If I can find an item online that's $20 cheaper than at my LQS, where do you think I'm going to buy it? That is just my opinion.