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  1. I may be "wrong" in the eyes of some people, but I don't pay too much attention to where something is made. Also, in this economy, if I can find something online that is cheaper than it is being sold for at my LQS, I'm going to get it online.
  2. Lynn, I did not throw it in the dryer. This was from a package, not off the roll. I wonder if that makes a difference.
  3. I love the QD wool, but notice that it "sheds" a lot. I have it all over my shirt from leaning against the bar when I quilt:) Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestion on which of the QD polys I should try? I do have a roll of Puff, but I don't always want to use that thick of a batt. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Very nice fabric and that is one of my favorite patterns. I'm more into the fabric than I am into showing off quilting and patterns where I can really show off the fabric, like this one, is perfect. You did great!
  5. Holly, by the time the customer left, she had picked out the panto, the thread and etc. At that point you were good to go and you did:) Next time she will need to be more sure of herself before she walks out the door. Sounds like it turned out just fine though.
  6. I prefer working from the back of my machine [i love pantos] so the back of my machine faces my wall so anyone that walks in the door to the my studio I can look up and see rather than get startled having my back to the door:)
  7. I've done a pantograph right over the flange and it turned out fine.
  8. I'm in California, too, just 45 minutes south of Oma and not only am I NOT tan, I don't even go outside if I can help it [horrible air quality and allergies are terrible]
  9. Patty, thanks for sharing. I ordered four:)
  10. When I am done with a quilt, I put it in the washer and use Retayne. Retayne keeps the colors from running. Then I throw the quilt in the dryer.
  11. I have gotten most of my pantos from Willow Leaf Studio. Lots to choose from.
  12. I happen to have a Nolting Pro 24 and love it. It's my third Nolting. I started small and traded my way up. Never have had any problems. Great machine, great customer service.
  13. What a sweet baby. Adorable. And that Haylee is one beautiful little girl. I've seen lots of cute kids, but she is absolutely beautiful!
  14. I was asking someone about this recently and she said she will cut back on other stuff to make sure she has money to get her tops quilted. P.S. -it's times like this [high gas prices] that make me glad I drive a hybrid.
  15. One of the attorneys I work for bought all new office furniture and he gave me his old oak desk [41"x75"]. I restained it and just put it in my sewing room today! I want to find a mat that fits the top as this will become my cutting table.
  16. Linnea Marie, you are a help! It will be interesting to see what people say. I like heavier threads once in awhile. I'm going to load some muslin and play around with Bottom Line on top just to see if I like it. Thanks for the reply!
  17. Anyone out there like to use Bottom Line as a top thread?
  18. Sandra, I agree on the QD batts. I like them best, too. My next roll is going to be the QD poly. I want a batt not as puffy as Puff, but will still show great definition.
  19. I don't think so. I was going to post about my current roll, but you beat me to it! I have the same problems with thickness in some spots. I just finished a quilt for my granddaughter, using So Fine on top, Bottom Line in bobbin, and it turned out fine. However, I probably won't order the Puff again.
  20. I wouldn't sweat it. She chose to react that way. Looking at the material, the way you did it is the way it looks like it should be done. Personally, I would never do anything for her again.
  21. Julia, I just checked out your website. Yes, your prices are definitely different than mine. I think I need to adjust my prices a bit. I'm going to use your prices as a guideline if that's okay with you.
  22. Juia, the quilts are not complex. Yellow Brick Road and other types of fat quarter or jelly roll quilts. I am getting the fabric at the quilt shop so it's good stuff. I think I do need to add in the longarm quilting portion also. I realize no matter what I won't get wealthy doing this, but at least it will be an experience:P