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  1. WOW! Still learning lots but would love to see you in action - amazing!
  2. Hi Kathy - Congrats on the new machine. I am a newbie too - got mine the beginning of December and learning lots - there just isn't enough hours in the day! This forum has been wonderful, anytime I have a problem I just start searching and always find an answer! I did not get the lift when I bought my machine and it is already on my wish list! I am fine working from the front but when I work on pantos from the back the table isn't high enough. I should take more breaks but I usually wait until I can hardly move to stop. If you have the option I don't think you would regret it! Happy Quilting Wendy
  3. I love this forum and your quilt is wonderful.....have to get Linda's book!
  4. I would be interested in your Teryl Loy inside circles 6" to 1" ($40) as well as the fine line curved rulers $43.50 if they are both still available. Please e-mail me. Thanks, Wendy w.knutson@hotmail.com
  5. Okay - love this topic! I am a newbie and always checking out all the beautiful projects on this site - it is nice to see where everyone started and know there is hope!
  6. Finally…..I have been following this blog for almost a year and learned soooo much! Such a great group of people willing to share their expertise and ideas. Between the APQS Blog and this site – I spend way to much time on the computer – but my DH has taken note. Well about a month ago he said “just order it” – I couldn’t believe it! I explained to him that with working, I would not be able to make money with this machine - his comment was “Do you expect me to make money with my Harley”! So had to move quick before he knew how much this really cost! The sewing room is decked out and now referred to as the ‘Studio’ and is full of APQS boxes. Matt is setting up today - so don’t know when I will sleep next! Oh, yes – she is the Millennium…just a little excited! I’m sure you will be hearing more from me as the new arrival intimidates me just a bit! Hoping someday I may be able create something worth posting! Keep the photos coming – great inspiration. Excited newbie! Wendy PS. Think there may be a Harley in my future but I can handle that!
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