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  1. Hi Meg, Feather, done in any way needs a lot of ppppppppp You said that you don't see where you need to go when doing top-down. Have you thought about whether your table is high enough too? On Saturday I worked on a machine set up lower than my one. I faced a lot of difficulties to meet the lines of the feathers AND to see were I need to go. My machine is set so the backing bar is just over my belly. Perhaps it helps, perhaps not. Just a though from my side. Take care andrea
  2. no, not me and hubby. But a dear friend and his wife. Well, early enough father-to-be asked me whether I could make a quilt where the baby could lay on. Sure, I said and asked him about the theme of the baby room. NO theme, No this no that. Can't you make it just with bright colors? Sure, I said and showed him the beautifull fabric from Benartex Fossil Fern. Again I was left with no good answer. My heart sank and I said, ok dear father-to-be, I will do something. Some weeks later, I had already started I made the mistake and showed him a cute bearpanel. Big mistake as he wanted to have this included. But not that stupid looking rabit and dog......... Ok, my heart sunk again another step lower. Next information: Hey just to let you know, baby is born. 4 weeks to early and is it possible to make it a bit bigger so that the new Mom can sit on that quilt too? or cuddle up with the baby in the recliner? ...... Sigh ..... more grey hairs. I rearranged and thats the outcome (not a masterpiece ) From one part I had no use in the quilt I did a pillow with french fold. So the quilt can be carried with them or well, they will find a way to use it. Because they are very dear friends I still had fun doing this job. Passing revue, it was the time to arrange and rearrange the top which consumed most of the spended time. I used the brown flanell as backing and brought it to the front for double binding. I used batting in double layer so it was a bit more fluffy. King Tut and SoFine did a great job (after I changed to a new needle I had not one single threadbreake). Now I am searching for more of this fossil fern fabric. I want to make a quilt of my own using this stuff. Thanks for listening. Andrea
  3. what great pictures ! !!!!! Would love to be there ... wait - I am already here I can't believe what I see. It was a great time having you here - only it was too short. I love the pictures of the finished quilt. Can't believe that it was done at my place... Hard work all that eating and drinking, I can tell you. The easier part was getting instructions from Loes and playing with Pre-Design and then having the IntelliQuilter and Millie stitched out the samples from Loes' CD "In your Dreams". It was so inspiring and it still is . I learnt a so much. Now I see designes everywhere - I only need to take pictures. But, taking pictures is a different story. You know, I have not taken a single picture while you were here Hey, when ever possible take lessons from Loes for Pre-Design. The world is different after this lessons. Granted from just a happy camper. Shana, I have an Intelliquilter - the smartest of all my computer gadgets. Hugs Andrea
  4. to all of you kind advices. Result: I will call the customer to change for another backing. The teddyfabric (sorry for this term) is this thicker polar fleece like Shana wrote. The customer wants to have cabel feathers and swirls and SID. Would be managable I think BUT this "*ç%& - Backinfabric is sewn together to get the length of the top. And I can get the hopping foot over that seam. Although I raised the hooping foot. This seem is a straight stich and the ends do roll up. Being a wise girl (sometimes...) I rolled forward to that seam before I started anything else. Now I leave it up to the customer what she wants to do. Thanks a again for all your help. Andrea
  5. Hi folks, I do need your experience. New customer who has finished a top. She is a beginner and the top is very well pieced for a first timer. She wanted to handquilt it also, but turn out not having the patience for it. Her sandwich will be Top - Cottenfabri batting - thin poly-batting Backing - Teddyfabric. Well, it has this loopy thing on front and looks knitted from the backside. It is stretchy. Good thing is, the tighter woven part will go up so that I can pin this side to the leader. My question, would you do a half float of the backing? Because it is so stretchy. Or would roll up the whole backing to the backing leader. My concerns are that when I am advancing the whole thing, I am stretiching it more then it will be good for this sandwich. Any hints, tipp, ideas are highly welcome. Oh, did I say it is a kind of rush job as well? Thanks in advance. Andrea
  6. have you checked the high of your hoping foot? don\'t press the ruler against the hoping foot and only move the ruler when your not moving the needle. For the beginning do only a handspan of length when you stitch. I am normaly right handed, but I found out that when I hold the ruler with my right hand and move the machine with my left hand, it worked better. Until I got used to it. Cheers
  7. Hey - Ho, I will be in there too, for the France show. Perhaps we can have dinner together and make a tiny tiny small show and tell about that? As I read the theme I had the idea. Now working on details. And with my ignorance to learn how to construct a quiltop right from the beginning it will be a fight. This for sure. But I do have the colors in my mind, I now need to find the perfect fabric. But I am not sure whether I will enter the finished piece.... :cool: CU in France Andrea
  8. Just a BIG Thank you for Theo. He was able to help me with the farm pantos. If you need cute designs, just check is website. Theo, Thank\'s a bunch.
  9. andriko


    willkommen in der Familie. Wo in Österreich bist du denn? Ich lebe nahe der Grenze zu Vorarlberg in der Schweiz. Bei Fragen ---- immerher damit. Liebe Grüsse
  10. Welcome Karin... just a ppp --------- hm ---------- what will you do for a good one? Sandra, before heading to Austria and Northern Germany, do a quick visit to the Lake Constance. It is not tooo far from Munich. And perhaps we can meet too? Just let me know. Karin, will you be at Claudia\'s at the next Open House? all the best Andrea from Switzerland
  11. I have an IQ since last December. Self installed and all I can say: I just love it. No need to learn a new software, just follow the screen. It is really selfexplanatory. I love to be able to record a freeguided pattern for x-repeats. I love to sit im my recliner and play with IQ while Millie is in the basement having a rest. To see it in action search in google video or youtube for Intelliquilter. To see it in action is more than a lot of explantions. Feel free to use U2U for any information. Happy Easter Sunday greetings Andrea in Switzerland with a Millie
  12. Hi Theo and Loes, I am just checking in to say that I am still looking forward to see Theos Panto with the farmland theme. AND to say that Pre-design software is simply great. I played a bit with it and it is so easy, so great, so ??? want to have.... Bye for now - back to play with Pre-design
  13. check email. Sorry to use the forum, but I have not yet received an answer. Please let me know. Thanks a lot Andrea (info at
  14. Hello Jim let me try; it says: Dear Parents, children arrived ealy on Sunday (on Sunday morning). Sabine is ... (then i must guess due to the quality it must be somenthing with beautiful.) Greetings from (unreadable - at least for me) ========== hope it helps. My father wrote my mother a long poem in this letters. The only romantic part I know about him....
  15. do show us your Wild Onion Jacket. I am in the stage to make me second one. greetings from snoowy Switzerland