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  1. Hi, Dawn thank you for your help. Amy sent the gear very quickly. Thank you Amy!! I'm waiting her reply. Thanks,
  2. I have a Freedom 2012. We aregoing to replace the gear, but We can't take off the gearbox face. I remove 4 black headed screws, black cap, on the throat of the machine right behined the screw and silicone sealant. I used screwdrive to pry face of gearbox away but It is really hard.We tried two hours but it is not take off. I have a instruction with pictures. We tried correctly. English is my second language, so please forgive me for any mistakes grammar. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks to all of you for your info and advice.I am doing a lot of small work so I'm going to get a Freedom.Thanks,
  4. Hi everyone, I’m a fan quilter. I’ve had a Tin Lizzie for 18months and finished only 6 quilts. Then, I didn’t like it because I sold it. I’m going to buy a demo Lucy on Bliss and paid deposit, but I’ve found really nice feature of the Quilt Glide and thinking buy a Freedom on Bliss but the price is jump up. On the quilt show, I’ve never tried the Freedom because it was over budget for me. So I really need a Freedom for a fun quilter? I don’t have enough money right now for get it so I have to wait until next year. Any help is greatly appreciated.