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  1. I just finished a quilt with this problem and I've had it before -- I stitched in the ditch to stabilize narrow borders, accentuate piecing, etc. on the entire quilt with a very light thread (Bottom Line or similar). Then, with the thread that I wanted to show, I went back and quilted inside the blocks and quilted the borders. The front looks fine, but on the back, I have very small tucks at seemingly random places where clearly, the backing was more voluminous than the front of the quilt. I never have this problem if I don't stitch in the ditch first - such as when doing an overall design, where I roll through the quilt just one time (top to bottom). How can I prevent it? I don't think I should tighten the backing further - it's the usual amount of tight for me. I would prefer to SID with a lighter thread than the rest of the quilting, so I don't want to SID "as I go" - that is, SID for a section, quilt in the blocks, and then roll the quilt. I have a Lenni. Any ideas welcome!! Thanks -
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