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  1. This is a great topic. It is so bad in my family that my daughter (now 25) who doesn't quilt buys fabric just because she loves it. She has a nice batik stach going. I have also become a thread junkie. There are so many beautiful threads today. In one of the catalogs they have a cabinet that holds thread with every color of the rainbow and everytime I see it I want it. The $250 sticker price prevents me from ordering but I sure do covet that rainbow of thread. Happy Quilting! Ema
  2. What a fun topic A little over 10 years ago I bought my 1120 Bernina, used, for $1200. Gulp! But I love her and she is a work horse. I also have an Ultimate I for quilting. Two weeks ago a elderly friend gave me her embroidary machine which I have not used yet. It is a Janome Newhome. It has a scanner and everything. I've been too busy to play but can't wait. I also have 2 old Singers that I picked up at a swap meet and a thrift store. I don't use them or plan on it -- I just like them because they are old. Happy quilting! Ema
  3. Oh my gosh! I can only imagine how you must feel. I remember reading at another site a woman who had sent her quilt from Europe to the U.S. and she thought it had been lost. It was stuck in customs and finally got to her. I hope this is the case for you. Please keep us posted. Ema
  4. I believe there is a LA suppier in your area. They sell Gammill's but have everything for LA quilting. The also have featured artist that teach there. It is called The Quilted Rose and they will send you a catalog - one of the nicest I've seen. Ema
  5. Happy to hear you found your owner's manual. I have an Ultimate I and had problems with tension until I bought the Towa Tension Gauge. It cost around $75 but is worth its weight in gold. Simple to use, I now test every new bobbin. I bought mine from Columbia River Quilting. Good luck and enjoy your machine.
  6. I bought my from Donita and love it. Perhaps the price will help you decide. Ema
  7. Tina: Oh my gosh!! People can be so rude. It is my feeling that you are giving them too much energy. Isn't one of the great things about owning your own business is that YOU make the rules. Don't let your customers bully you. Believe in yourself and continue to do quality work - the customers will come and keep coming back. Just my opinion. Ema
  8. Linda Taylor, Nichole Webb and Karen McTavish all have DVD's. I only have the McTavish DVD it came with her book the Art of McTavish. Linda Taylor has a set that is from her PBS show. Ema
  9. Phyllis-- I am so glad you asked this question. Mine gave me fits too. So much so that it now sits in a drawer. I hope you get some answers as I would like to use it. Ema
  10. Ema

    Space requirements

    I'm not at home so I can't measure my space at the moment. Will you be quilting pantos or just from the front of the machine? If you don't quilt from the back you might be able to push your machine as close as you can to the wall. You will still need to get behind the machine to change thread but you won't need the space to move the head around. Just a thought. Ema and Big Sister
  11. Michelle-- I love women like you who think outside the box. Interesting idea. I think I will go home and try it. Thanks for sharing your idea with all of us. Ema and Big Sister
  12. Judy - I apologize. I didn't look at the date. I'm sorry if I have inconvenienced you. I hit Today's Posts and an item on Rainbow thread came up. When I saw your name and something about a picture, knowing that you do beautiful work, I wanted to see it. Again, I'm sorry to have bothered you for something from 3 years ago. Believe me, I will look at the dates from here on out! Ema - Ultimate I
  13. I have a studio above the garage. It is a good size space, approx 20' x 22'. I have DSM with costom table, 6' x 7'. Made for quilting before I got my LA. I have an extra large ironing board, cutting table, and computer desk. Bookshelves, drawers and TV/Stereo. Bathroom. Great room but I could use more space for batting storage and odds and ends and I would like a bigger cutting table. So, I woulld suggest making it as large as you can. It seems that many things we need are large items and take up lots of room. I hope this helps.
  14. Forgive me if this is a dumb question but I don't see the link to look at you quilt Judy. Help - I'm a newbie. what can I say? Thanks. Ema - Ultimate I
  15. Ema

    Circle Lord

    www.loriclesquilting.com is the site for Circle Lord. I don't have one but they sure can do some awesome things with them - at least from the pics I've seen. Let me know if you get one and how you like it. Ema - Ultimate I
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