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  1. I am looking for a pair of castors that went on the wooden tables like this
  2. Fs, set of Cindy Roths feather guide and templates, $95.00 includes shipping in the continuous US includes the book, 12, 10, 8 and 6 inch sizes some still with the protective paper. as a set these sell for 130.00
  3. You got my vote too, such a crisp clean design a classic.
  4. FS: 12 piece woven wool bundle a felted fat quarters they are smaller than cotton fats due to felting. Selling for $66.50 postage Included US. these can be overdyed with koolaid to give you an array of colors. Its nice and thick from felting. Includes a wool pattern for sewing notions.
  5. There was a spammer here and the post was deleted I am not a Spammer .
  6. such a dink that was meant to be $100.00 (2.50 an issue)
  7. Selling my collection of Machine Quilters Magazine back to 2006. There are forty. selling the collection for $200.00 plus actual shipping.
  8. I got the greatest tip from here to remember how the needle goes in, think of a big belly goes forward!
  9. here is how I set mine up, I got a laser pen from radio shack, a clamp from homedepot and the rod from APQS.
  10. The problem was in the bobbin area it had looped around and got caught in a funky way.
  11. yes I got it finished and the pleats are not so bad, I did pin a bit and that helped distribute the poof., I will steam and press the pleats a bit and maybe redistribute them I think too when its finished and washed it will be less too, it only pleated on the left side. Thanks everyone
  12. When you have a quilt that has a bit of poof or swag in this case. obviously some pleats will occur, do you say it was the way the quilt was made? I dont want her think that I stink but I dont want to offend her too.
  13. Why is that you can be quilting with everything perfect then out of no where in the middle of the quilt the tension goes whacked? Enough to drive one crazy, said the person who just ripped out a Nasty row. So now my maching is in time out and so am I.
  14. Lol forgot to check my message for auto correct. Don't eat it!
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