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  1. Oh, Lyn, I never made the connection from you to the Lyn who informed me and sent that wonderful picture!!! I guess my poor brain just couldn't get this aligned - with alll the excitement! Thank you so much for the picture! I hope you don't mind that I posted it on my Facebook page... Enjoy the show - i'm sure it's a great one! Best, Birgit
  2. Thank you sooo much for this piece of information! I'm completely stunned and missing words! Lyn sent me an email and at first I didn't understand what she was writing there! This is fabulous, exciting, fantastic!!! Whoohoo! Lyn, congratulations for your win (that's something she didn't mention...)! Whoever is down under at the show, please, Please, PLEASE take some pictures for me, will you?
  3. Thank you for posting the list, Kay! I'm missing words to express my feelings! It's such an honor! Birgit
  4. I'm with you, Linda. What I've seen on Facebook is that Claudia Pfeil has won the Solitaire award and that Sharon Schambers has won Best of Show. Congratulations to both! Other than that, I have no clue whatsoever... Let's wait in unisome... Have a great day, Birgit
  5. I have been loooking for this color combo for quite some time now, too. Without luck. BUT YLI has a great pink/berry and a green/lime variegated thread which I have been using on these projects... Let us know should you indeed find a thread featuring both colors. Happy stitching, Birgit
  6. Dory, this house looks exquisite! I'd move in in a heartbeat... Here's wishinf for an uneventful move for all parties involved. Birgit
  7. I love your quilting on this quilt, Kay! Just gorgeous! Birgit
  8. Hi everybody, I simply have to share this week's news! First, I learned yesterday that my quilt Kansas Winter Stars has won 1st place in the Custom "Our Daily Bed" category at MQX West in Portland. Then, this morning I found out that my quilt Licorice & Lace has won 1st place in the Innovative category AND my garment Chocolate Orange Cocktail has been awarded BEST OF SHOW in the Wearables competition at PIQF in Santa Clara! I'm beyond excited and doing the happy dance over here!! For those of you at both shows - please take some pictures for me! Happy stitching, Birgit
  9. Hi Carmen, Thank you so much for the offer to take pictures at PIQF. I'll have two items in the show - my quilt Licorice & Lace and my garment Chocolate Orange Cocktail. Should you come across them, I'd love for you to take some live pictures. Thank you so much in advance, Birgit
  10. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the show in person - BUT I have a quilt int he show. It's my "ICU - Do UC Me" black and white sort of pop art large wallhanging. It's in the Wall Quilts - Machine Quilted category. Would any of you attending the show be so kind and take a picture for me, pretty please? I'd very much appreciate this. Have fun everybody and I tell you, one of these year I WILL be coming, too! Birgit
  11. Hi Dell, Thank you so much for sending your FB message to bring this thread to my attention! I simply LOVE what you did on this wonderful quilt! Don't you just love those fun flowers. It's so great to see that you are actually using stuff that I showed in class! I've been running around in circles lately - but still have started to work on my show quilt for 2012. Happy stitching, Birgit
  12. I think she is about to start dancing soon. So my suggestions are: High Energy or The Quiet Before the Storm Another wonderful piece of art, Ferret! Birgit
  13. My quilts are home already from FoQ! And so neatly folded with acid-free paper sheets in between the layers ... Wonderful job! Birgit
  14. Welcome to the world, Kailey Abigail! And congratulations to the entire family! Birgit
  15. Linzi, As long as the FoQ is held AFTER my kids' summer break from school, I don't see much chance of attending any time soon. My kids are in their second week into the school year right now - and I can tell you the first week was crazy as hell. The Irish show will take place BEFORE the 2012 summer break - not any better. However, the Prague meeting will fall into our Easter break... My youngest will graduate in 7.5 years - and then... Best, Birgit
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