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  1. I completed this Judy Niemeyer Mariners Compass Quilt on July 4th. I started piecing this quilt as part of a technique of the month class in April 2013. The top was completed November of the same year. This is the first quilt that I marked for quilting before putting it on the frame. I'm quite happy with the results! The quilt was quilted on my Ultimate I.
  2. Teresa, That is my quilt I'm marking. I made it in a local class. The pattern is Judy Neimeyer's Mariners Compass. There was one lady in the class who made this patter all in white and cream. The picture doesn't do it justice.
  3. I haven't heard of these pens. I did a search for Frixion pens on Amazon and some gel pens came up. Are they the ones you are talking about or is there a specific pen for quilting? I'm marking a quilt and testing out different pens and pencils and would like to give these a try. Thanks!
  4. Here are a couple of the "after" photos of the quilt. That's my granddaughter helping me block the quilt.
  5. I made this quilt for my daughter who is in seeing the world while in the Air Force. It really helped me deal with the loneliness of missing her. She doesn't get to keep it until she's no longer globe trotting but she knows that it's hers and is looking forward to getting it. Last summer we had a really wild storm and our entire neighborhood sustained some sort of damage. Everyone is getting new roofs and siding. Unfortunately I didn't notice that one of our windows sustained damage. This quilt was rolled up in storage by the window and when I pulled it out I noticed that there was wate
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