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  1. Hey Myrna, I'm sure you won't remember this but I was in a class of yours last April at MQX (samplers blocks) and was asking you about the Hartley fence. You were looking for one in the building to help me but there wasn't one....anyway, I had asked you if they had classes on the Hartley fence and you said that MQX thought there wasn't enough interest....I AM SO HAPPY to see they have changed their minds! I signed up for your Hartley Fence class at MQX for this year and am looking forward to it. I have had my fence for over a year and never used it....I can't wait! Sincerely Diana (from Michigan)
  2. I know I will sound dumb here but I just did the one stitch method every 3" or so and my machine kept catching on the under threads and pulling it all out of shape....I finally gave up and pin basted the quilt...What was i doing wrong? Anyone else have this happen?
  3. It can get wobbly if not tightened down properly but otherwise it is nice and stiff. Do you have a dealer you can call? It sounds as if the hole for the stylis opening it too large or something....good luck! I love my Quilt EZ templates. They couldn't be easier to use! Diana
  4. I have this book and am using it right now. I love the diagrams. Very clear and easy to understand. I also love that you provided some options for some of the common quilt patterns we get. Great book! Can't wait to see the next one! Good job DeLoa! Diana
  5. Gee, I don't know Gail.....are you SURE you know what you are doing? I can't wait to meet you in person and I'm pretty sure that will happen...SOON! Best of luck to you girlfriend! Diana
  6. Look closely Linda....the back is a plain black...what you see is ALL quilting...looks really cool too! Diana
  7. Wow, that is very cool! I've never made anything like that! Nice job! Diana
  8. Gail, I will call you asap. I have a party this weekend for our only daughter's graduation, so very busy , but as soon as things settle down! Take a breath! Diana
  9. Judy, I wanted to comment on your earlier post about Linda Steller. I happen to be one of those newbies watching Linda (not so much now since I've had my Millie a year) and rooting her on. I watched Linda go from first getting her Liberty and being nervous to what she can do now which is really pretty quilting. I tell her all the time she is my idol!! She also happens to be really nice! Just wanted to share. Diana
  10. That is adorable! I don't suppose you could get it on a screen print and sell them could you? Diana
  11. Barb, I live in Chesterfield MI and work in Troy! I have only had my Millennium for a year and just got back from MQX. I took classes from the best teachers and I feel like the sky is the limit now! Anyway, you may contact me if you like and we can talk. Remember....getting started IS SCARY! But you can do it! One foot in front of the other gets you there! Good Luck! Diana
  12. Wow, Beautiful work....Thank you for sharing Diana
  13. I like mine at 9-10....Not too tight and not too loose and I think it looks around the size of good hand stitching. My opinion. Diana also drives a Millennium
  14. I think it turned out very cute and it is exactly what she asked for so why wouldn't she love it? Good job! Diana
  15. Jeri, Please DO post where you get the transfer paper. I am in need of just this thing at this time...it is clear you say? Sounds perfect..THANKS! Diana