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  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I called my APQS rep and she helped me a ton. In the process of adding the Butler I thinks some of my thread guides got skewed. I think Jim's comment about the thread nest behind the hook could have been an overfilled Magna glide bobbin. A couple of them have fit very tight in the case and I have had to unwind them somewhat. I hadn't thought of that. The good news is for awhile it all worked. I went through two complete bobbins without any difficulty. Then the thread started breaking again. Oh, and the other thing I changed was my thread. My rep ( BARB MAYFIELD--the best) told me that King Tut thread if not kept in a plastic airtight situation can become dry and brittle so I trucked out to my local store and bought a new cone. So now I have retreated for a bit to re-group. I am embarrassed at the mess this quilt is. But there is no turning back. It has to be finished. It may take a long time...
  2. Okay, I rarely have problems but today is different. I can't seem to get my groove on. My thread keeps breaking. The bobbin is the culprit. I found about an entire bobbins worth of thread wound around the shaft BEHIND the bobbin casing. That took about 35 minutes to clean out. Then I changed needles, cleaned thoroughly and I still can't sew very far before the bobbin breaks again. My tension looks good. My stitches are fine. I tried changing bobbin casings. Same problem. I am using King Tut on top and Magna glide bobbin on the bottom. I started with a 4.5 needle and switched to a 4.0 when the problems kept on coming. No better no worse. I am doing a digital pantograph and I can't stop in the middle! I need to get at least this row done before I turn off the machine. Any suggestions?
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