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  1. God will watch over your daughter and those precious grand babies and they will all be fine. 10 fingers 10 toes on each and healthy hearts and smiles to boot. Prayers for all.
  2. I believe mlsa3 hit the nail on the head with this one. God Bless.
  3. It will be a glorious first quilt. Just wait and see.
  4. Beautiful quilt I can't believe it's your first. What an inspiring story fallenfar. I am sure the sales lady would love to know how she moved you into the wonderful world of fabric.
  5. I always try to tell myself I am doing a half heart down the left go back up and mirror the right. Otherwise, my feathers look like ugly toes!
  6. Mine is wall to wall so I do the stop, drop, and roll method right now. My girls laugh and asked what will I do when I get too old to do that? I said I will stop, drop, take a lil nap...then roll.
  7. How do you post a picture in the forum? I tried to do one I had taken with Jenny Doan but was unable to post!
  8. It amazes me to see the talent people have with their long arms. I would love to try this but wouldn't know where to start. It is a beautiful work of art your sister will surely treasure.
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