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  1. I have been told there is sometimes a problem with the amount of space for the mega quilter when doing a queen size quilt. That by the time you get to the end, you are only able to quilt on 2" or so of space. Did you run into that at all? As a combo unit for a beginner, what are your feelings? Do you wish you had gone bigger right from the start? Thanks for the info
  2. Will both machines work with the quilting frame? I can be reached at edens_call2@yahoo.com thanks much!
  3. Thank you so much for the information, everyone. With the price of these machines, biting the bullet would be a bit easier if I knew it wouldn't be a bad investment
  4. There are one or two used machines I may be interested in, but a question for all of you seasoned users: When I am looking for a used machine, how many stitches are "too many" (or too used) to really be considered? Is there such a problem? I would think at some point a machine could wear out...right? What is 'too high' a number?
  5. Hi All, I am looking to purchase a gently used Avante long-arm, hopefully with a pro-stitcher. Does anyone have one collecting dust that they'd like to get rid of? Thanks so much. Red
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