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  1. Thank you for the welcome Sue,....Yes, I did a search and found the thread you are referring to, but I never saw a resolution...the APQS owner said they were going to build a new board and come back to do the install, but no progress was up dated...thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to find the originator....stan
  2. I haven't checked quilt path...I did not know they had a panto only model, but all I have found on the IQ basic is that it's a computer driven system that is in the $7,000 price range....I'm not ready to commit that much...Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. Does anyone have Pantovision installed on a Milli??...there was a lot of discussion a while back about it, but I never saw where anyone had done it...can it be done??? Thanks....stan
  4. I searched and saw lots of talk about the pantovision , but nothing recently, and nothing that said it would work on an APQS...has anyone installed pantovision on a Milli??? Is there something comparable that is available for APQS??? Thanks!