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  1. HANDIQUILTER CHANNEL LOCK AND CARRIAGE FOR SALE Electromagnetic Channel Lock - HQ Avanté, HQ Simply Sixteen, HQ Sixteen (standup) PURCHASE PRICE $1,000 LESS THAN A YEAR OLD ASKING $750
  2. I have a HQ Sweet Sixteen that I am looking to sell - I just posted it on APQS under PatM. It has less than 10 hours use and has both extension tables plus the TruStitch and the mat included. If you are interested, please contact me at patsymac@charter.new. Asking $4,5000.
  3. Purchased new in May 2015, wanting to upgrade Asking $4,500 Includes 2 extension tables each 16/30 HQ Bobbin Winder TruStitch and mat Has less than 300,000 stitches on machine - used less than 10 hours Is the sit down model Warranty is transferable - 10 year warranty on machine, 5 years on Mechanical and electronic/electrical Love the machine just want to upgrade. Have all the original books and paper work as well as all accessories that comes with the machine.
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