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  1. Maybe it's to soon to say this but after taking the tension finger out, seeing nothing but cleaning anyway....I have about 4' of beautiful stitching! Except for a skipped stitch or two. That's ok though, I can put up with that! Not really, but I'm so happy! Thank you for all your help!!! Melissa (Newbie )
  2. I haven't tried "weaving thru the 3 hole thread path" instead of wrapping!
  3. Pics are of the back, I've done both reg & manual mode. The manual mode gives the better stitch. I could send pics of that but you all know what that looks like. I have tried looking for lint under the finger in the past but not recently. Will give that another try. I appreciate the link to the tension doc. I'll give that another go too. Thanks for all the suggestions. Wish me luck!
  4. I hope it shows up, they're not the best examples though. Sometimes the bobbin thread is literally just laying on the backing, no tension on it at all. This is a panel for practice and is still on quilter so maybe I only think it's only messing up in regulated mode only. I've tightened the upper tension til it looks good, this happens and I tighten it more and thread breaks. Have checked the bobbin tension by laying in palm of hand and picking up by thread as suggested.
  5. Bought my millennium years ago but haven't been able to use it, or wanted to, because of inconsistent bobbin side stitching that I couldn't figure out. Now I've got some time to hang in there and decided to try in manual mode. It stitches beautiful! Why won't it in regulated? I've tried everything I've found on the forum. Love the info but need help. Any suggestions??