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  1. cynthiaellen

    Using a Towa Gauge for better Tension

    My LQS sells a different brand of longarm machine but also services my domestic machines. She told me to hold the bobbin up and the thread should come off the bobbin like a numeral "9" no matter what type machine l am using. This has been an easy way for me to forget about counter and clockwise and has worked great for me.
  2. cynthiaellen

    My George Needs a New Home

    Fingers crossed the power stays on!
  3. cynthiaellen

    My George Needs a New Home

    My George picture.
  4. Thanks everyone for responding to my post. George is now on his way to his new home. I know his new owner will love him as much as I did.
  5. cynthiaellen

    My George Needs a New Home

    First time in a forum but you are correct, I should have put it under used machines for sale.
  6. Re-posted under used machines for sale