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  1. Thank you.I called APQS and their supplier for the spoon foot retired. They are working on getting a replacement, hopefully in a couple of months. I guess if I can't find one, I will have to be patient and wait.
  2. Thank you. It looks like it would be great for pantos. I will see what they say.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a spoon foot? I don't see it available from the APQS store anymore. Does anyone have an opinion on if it is worth the money to purchase one (if I can find one).
  4. So pretty, love the whole quilt. The baby will too!
  5. I too love it and would like to see how you quilt it.
  6. Such a hard difficult time, so sorry. Bless you all!
  7. I would also be interested in some paper pantos that might be available.
  8. I love mine also. It came with my machine so it's the only one I've tried but am happy with it.
  9. At a quilt show in Phoenix I was checking out the APQS machines before I bought and was also adivsed the L bobbin was the way to go.
  10. He looks great in your room!! Have fun....
  11. Congratulations, the studio sounds like a dream!!
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