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  1. gorgeous. I decided not to look for the error, just to enjoy how pretty it was. ")
  2. I tried googling for you, but there is a lot out there. On an earlier post, I read if you hovered over the original post's name, it would give you contact information. I think that will be your best bet. Good Luck, it is a beauty.
  3. that looks nice. You did a good job! Thanks for showing us the finished Quilt.
  4. Accept! Would really like to see this forum revised and we can't do it with out everyone.
  5. well, darn it, second time I have put a post in the wrong section......hoping most of you look at "unread" and can help me....
  6. Looking for a software program to help me keep track of items. I looked at this, but there are no current reviews, the website seems a little dated. Is there a better program out there? I can use excel, but takes time and this looks pretty slick. Just worried about the age. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Ines
  7. I love string quilts! Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!
  8. Love it! Was recently talking to my husband about the same idea, only in Florida. Inside is just gorgeous. Showed your pictures to my Mr. Planted a seed....... What size is the building?
  9. That looks pretty efficient. Simple to put together. Even, steady tension. Thanks for the idea!
  10. Lisa, Thanks for the suggestion. will try that the next time I am picking fabric for a project !
  11. Quick rail fence for a gift. I stewed and stewed on the dark, really thought it would show the "rails"..., but no, the light won out. The whole color/contrast thing still stumps/surprises me. Stipple and machine binding.
  12. I have seen some where it looks like muslin, marked off in squares, maybe 18 x18? I have been wanting to try but haven't made the time.
  13. beautiful sewing room! You will love Lenni.
  14. How Scary! Very unusual. Call APQS, sure they will help.
  15. Hi Susan!  Shout out from an Indiana person as well.  Northeast Corner. ")

    1. susanp


      Hello! I live inLafayette! Happy quilting

  16. Had a hurry up birthday gift. All over stipple, first time to try lettering. Not perfect but for a 5 yr old, will be fine. Great skill builder.
  17. So , the book is Cabin Fever by Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting. Not able to load a photo
  18. I had seen this book awhile ago and just thought oh... but then I happened to catch Natalia Bonner on a Sewing with Nancy show and they had this quilt on the show. I loved it. Year and 1/2 later ) maybe 2) I finally completed it. I quilted same as she had done. Always been afraid of woodgrain, but no longer. Put a bluish batik on the back. Pretty stinking happy. PS going to bind in same yellow.
  19. Congrats! Lots of fun coming at you!
  20. What a gorgeous quilt! I bet she cried when she saw it!
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