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  1. Looking for a software program to help me keep track of items.  I looked at this, but there are no current reviews, the website seems a little dated.  Is there a better program out there?  I can use excel, but takes time and this looks pretty slick.  Just worried about the age.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.



  2. I had seen this book awhile ago and just thought oh... but then I happened to catch Natalia Bonner on a Sewing with Nancy show and they had this quilt on the show. I loved it. Year and 1/2 later ) maybe 2) I finally completed it. I quilted same as she had done. Always been afraid of woodgrain, but no longer. Put a bluish batik on the back. Pretty stinking happy. PS going to bind in same yellow.


  3. I love it! I have had my Lenin for 2 years and still so happy.  You may have inspired me to use the monofilament. I am nervous of that thread.  But seeing your success, well, I might give it a try. What kind did you use?

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