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    InesR got a reaction from dianne31331 in Outstretched   
    Struggled getting photos to load

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    InesR reacted to LisaC in Sew Tweet Finally Complete!   
    Sew Tweet, a  pattern by Chitter Chatter Designs. I hand appliqued and embroidered the blocks in 2014; along with completing the top. Finally this year, I free motion quilted it on my Mille. This was a very fun project began by me and Lisa E. in 2014.  It was my first attempt at embroidery; I was so blessed my Mother used to do all my embroidery, but she has since passed away. The blue birds remind of Cinderella birdies!!

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    InesR reacted to LisaC in Drafting chair to quilt?   
    A lot of quilters use a saddle stool. You can do a search on this forum for a lot of information on them and also search the internet or Amazon.com for them. There are some in most every price range. I definitely recommend one that is adjustable in height. I don't use mine often, but love it for doing detail work.
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    InesR reacted to Kueser in Drafting chair to quilt?   
    I don't use mine for quilting but do use it for UNquilting. LOL
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    InesR reacted to tootsquilts in Drafting chair to quilt?   
    The UNquilting is what I use mine for also.  Works great.
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    InesR reacted to Allison S. in Rail Fence   
    Funny how sometimes we don't get what we expect. Often it's even better! I like how the white wins out. Very nice work.
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    InesR reacted to jimerickson in Legacy batting? Wool batting?   
    Sorry, you're right Cagey.  I use Heirloom, buy it by the roll.  The 96" comes in a 30 yd roll, and the 110" comes in a 25 yd roll.  I don't buy the single batts or the small yardage offerings.  Jim 
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    InesR reacted to Chrissie Devinney in Quilting a Bargello   
    Gail I took you advise and switched the direction I loaded the top - and I am DONE! Thanks for the vote of confidence. 

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    InesR reacted to Pennyquilts in My Dinner Plate Dahlia off the long arm   
    My personal Dinner Plate Dahlia is off the long arm.  I don’t have a computer on my long arm so this was all hand guided.  I am thrilled with the finished quilt   

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    InesR reacted to NewbieKathyann in Quilting ideas?   
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    InesR got a reaction from Bonnie in Ok in Rail Fence   
    Quick rail fence for a gift.  I stewed and stewed on the dark, really thought it would show the "rails"..., but no, the light won out.  The whole color/contrast thing still stumps/surprises me.  Stipple and machine binding. 

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    InesR reacted to Gail O in Machine Quilters Business Manager   
    Quickbooks.  It takes some work to set up the inventory items, but will make your life much easier at tax time.
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    InesR reacted to Marie0722 in Machine Quilters Business Manager   
    It depends on what you want it for. I don't use it for my bookkeeping, and I gave up on using it for invoicing as it just didn't allow me to tweak the invoices the way I wanted. But I love it as a database to keep track of all my customers, their quilts, my threads and designs etc. I find it easier to use than making up my own spreadsheet and would purchase it again.
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    InesR reacted to Gator in Pricing T-shirt qjuilts   
    I agree with Gail, $25/$30 per t-shirt as a minimum.  Size of the blocks will depend on the writing/pictures on the shirt.  12-14 inch is a good size to work with.
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    InesR reacted to Gail O in Pricing T-shirt qjuilts   
    $25/$30 per t-shirt will generally cover your costs.
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    InesR reacted to Sharon Deming in Pattern samples for customers   
    I use the book-ring and plastic sleeve method. I primarily use pantographs, so I pull the thumbnail image from the seller's website, enlarge it to fit on a regular piece of copy paper, put it in a sleeve protector, and voila. The rings work better than a binder, because I can easily "audition" the printed sample on the quilt top to see if it seems suitable.

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    InesR got a reaction from iquiltit in Rail Fence   
    Quick rail fence for a gift.  I stewed and stewed on the dark, really thought it would show the "rails"..., but no, the light won out.  The whole color/contrast thing still stumps/surprises me.  Stipple and machine binding. 

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    InesR got a reaction from Jamie.bennett@hotmail.com in Quilting Shed Inspiration   
    Love it!  Was recently talking to my husband about the same idea, only in Florida.  Inside is just gorgeous.
    Showed your pictures to my Mr.  Planted a seed.......  What size is the building?
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    InesR got a reaction from tootsquilts in Featherlite Clamps or Red E Edge Side Clamps???   
    That looks pretty efficient.  Simple to put together. Even, steady tension.  Thanks for the idea!
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    InesR got a reaction from Allison S. in Scissor holder   
    Well, learned something new the other day. Video from APQS discussing the much miced scissor holder at the top of the machine.  Wait, it isn't a scissor holder??? I' love be.  New knowledge sure came in handy when a customer wanted a butterfly stitched.....
    Moved my laser and Bam, I am stitching a butterfly!!!
    Now if I can only find my scissors...lol 

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    InesR reacted to Athina in My first custom!   
    I got Millie in September and did two small quilts with a meander stitch. This one I went all out and did my first custom work with rulers and free motion. So thrilled with the turnout.  
    Each stripe has a different pattern( stripes, plaid, cross hatch, meander, loops). The first border is wishbones and the outer border is piano keys.  

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    InesR reacted to Sharon Deming in Lost my mojo   
    Today, my mojo is saying "Don't bother me - I'm resting." I don't want to start construction on the new quilt, I don't want to quilt. Lately, I have been sorting through the small fabric stash of my dearest friend who passed away about a year ago. Getting it ready to sell. Today all I want to do is sit with her fabric. I miss her. I have things to do for the new quilt, though. I make patterns and construction  handouts for my quilts so I can teach a workshop on them. So there are a few files I create to document yardage calculations, cutting table, etc., EQ8 file to update,  make sure I have all of the border sizes correct, etc. So today, I have my computer with me in the studio. I get to sit with Dorothy (her DNA is all over the fabric), and get some documentation going -- maybe. Or just sit. I will have a satisfying day either way.
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    InesR reacted to Sharon Deming in Lost my mojo   
    Pamela, It's okay for your mojo to just sit down for a while. It is not required to "be productive" all of the time. You have just come off of the holidays, coping with your husband's surgery and recovery, and whatever else may be going on, and your energy and coping reservoir have been drained. It's okay to rest. When I complete a quilt or have no customer quilts staring at me, I sometimes feel a little lost. I have been known to just go into my studio, sit down at the sewing machine, talk to Miss Margie (Millie), or just look around. Usually, there is something to put away or to read or to touch or something, and my interest begins to be renewed. If you really want to get moving - invite a quilting buddy (someone you don't have to clean house for) to come and spend the day sewing. You will enjoy the company while you get to play with fabric.
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    InesR reacted to Cagey in Pricing question on quilt   
    As long as you completed the quilting in 17.1 hours, keeping a $20/hour income level, I believe you have nothing to worry about.  You should not give away your talent unless you wish to as a gift, with no strings attached.  If some cannot recognize this, then their loss.
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    InesR reacted to Gail O in Pricing question on quilt   
    Let it go. If you quilted what was requested in the price range you quoted, then you did nothing wrong. (Lovely quilting, by the way)  There could be a boatload of reasons that she has moved on to another quilter; the most likely being that she wants custom quilting for pantograph pricing. 
    Your business plan should not include financing others hobbies.
    Do not underestimate or undervalue your worth or skills!
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