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  1. Is this still available? What are you asking for.the set up? Mindyriley50@gmail.com
  2. Is this machine still available? Have no.idea how far you are bit I.am.in Memphis, TN.
  3. Is your machine still available? Mindyriley50@gmail.com
  4. PICK ME! I do not have a machine and would absolutely LOVE to have it! But I don't ever win these things so I'm waiting to hear who did! :-)
  5. is this machine still available and is shipping an option? I live in NW Mississippi (near Memphis, TN) thank you, Mindy mindyriley50@gmail.com
  6. sorry, another question..... edge rider wheels? Is that the bliss system? thank you! Mindy
  7. is your set up still available? thank you in advance, Mindy Riley mindyriley50@gmail.com
  8. Is this machine still available? Is this the standard or deluxe table?
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