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  1. Is this still available? What are you asking for.the set up? Mindyriley50@gmail.com
  2. Is this machine still available? Have no.idea how far you are bit I.am.in Memphis, TN.
  3. Is your machine still available? Mindyriley50@gmail.com
  4. PICK ME! I do not have a machine and would absolutely LOVE to have it! But I don't ever win these things so I'm waiting to hear who did! :-)
  5. is this machine still available and is shipping an option? I live in NW Mississippi (near Memphis, TN) thank you, Mindy mindyriley50@gmail.com
  6. sorry, another question..... edge rider wheels? Is that the bliss system? thank you! Mindy
  7. is your set up still available? thank you in advance, Mindy Riley mindyriley50@gmail.com
  8. Is this machine still available? Is this the standard or deluxe table?
  9. is this still available? thanks, Mindy Riley mindyriley50@gmail.com
  10. is this table still available? I am unable to open the photo files you have included in the post. if still available, would you be willing to send photos to my email? Thank you in advance, Mindy Riley mindyriley50@gmail.com
  11. is this machine still available and if so, do you have any photos to share of it. I am looking to purchase a demo machine through APQS but have not commited as yet. still keeping my options open. thank you for your help in advance, mindy riley mindyriley50@gmail.com
  12. Tell me how much your asking, where your located and what is included with the machine please. I am not seeing thr original post. Thank you. Mindy
  13. Mindyriley50@gmail.com. interested. Can you please send pictures to the above email. Thanks
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