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  1. My intent was to sell the Quilt Path with or without the Millie. A sale is currently pending and scheduled to go through 6.30.21. If, for some reason, it does not go through I'll update this post to show same. Thank you for your interest!
  2. Another buyer contacted me just before Gina cancelled, so I do have a sale pending on this item. However, pick up isn't until July 1. I believe this sale will go through, but if anything comes up between now and July 1 and it does not go through, I'll be sure to follow up and let you know. Thank you for your interest! Tamara Bobbitt 713.301.2459
  3. Yes, the machine and computer are still available. Please call or text 713.301.2459 if you'd like to discuss. The machine and computer are listed in several different formats online including my website (www.FoxtailQuilting.com), the APQS site, Facebook and Longarm University, and I'm getting messages from several of these sources. It's easier and faster for me to reply via phone call or text. I'll still reply to APQS Forum messages, but I don't see the notifications for them as quickly. Thanks!
  4. APQS Millennium with Bliss Track System on 12 Foot Frame purchased Sept. 2013 -- THIS MACHINE WAS FULLY SERVICED BY AN APQS CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN ON 4.12.21 AND comes with Quilt Path Computer System added May 2018 (includes all updates) PRICE: $20,500 THIS MACHINE WAS FULLY SERVICED BY AN APQS CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN ON 4.12.21 ($780 service call that included replacement parts, machine adjustments, a through cleaning and hands-on testing by APQS certified technician). https://www.foxtailquilting.com/store/p423/APQS-Millennium-on-12-Foot-Frame-with-Bliss-Track-System-and-Quilt-Path-Computer.html#/ Buyer is fully responsible for pick-up arrangement, but seller can refer extremely reputable and reasonable dealer to handle entire process. Features include: Bobbin Winder; Thread Cutter; Batting Bar; Auto Quilt Advance; Original Assembly Manual; and Instruction Books. NOT ALL ITEMS INCLUDED HAVE BEEN PICTURED, list above is accurate. NOTE: Overhead lighting bar not included ADDITIONAL BONUS OPTIONS AT DISCOUNTED PURCHASE PRICE: 1 full 96" wide roll of American Fiber 80/20 poly cotton batting; and A package of 4.0 needles and a package of 3.5 needles. Questions may be emailed to TamaraBobbitt@gmail.com or call / text 713.301.2459. Purchaser must be willing to allow machine transfer approximately June 22, 2021. I'm anticipating delivery of a new, larger machine June 22, but it may be give or take a week. This listing is placed early to allow time for inquiries and for buyer to secure financing if necessary. Please send inquiries / questions to tamarabobbitt@gmail.com or text / phone call 713.301.2459. Replies are faster if inquiries are emailed or sent via text messages. If you get my voicemail, please leave a message, and I'll return your call. Serious inquiries only please. Scammers don't waste your time; no funds will be sent out; messages will be screened for suspicious activity; and all incoming funds will clear bank prior to machine pick up. PLEASE NOTE: Please send inquiries / questions to tamarabobbitt@gmail.com or text / phone call 713.301.2459. Replies are faster if inquiries are emailed or sent via text messages. If you get my voicemail, please leave a message, and I'll return your call.
  5. I'm selling many of the longarm rulers I bought and never use anymore (I finally got a Quilt Path computer). These include tools for making rope borders: 1.5", 2", 2.5", and 3"; numerous circle sizes and a 2" x 4" oval. To view what's available, please visit: https://www.foxtailquilting.com/store/c27/Longarm-Quilting-Supplies#/ Thanks!
  6. Save approx. $4.50 per paper pantograph from retail (savings varies based on use / condition). I bought a Quilt Path computer and am selling all of my paper pantographs. Lightly used paper pantographs available include: Floral Branch from Beany Girl Quilts; Autumn Oaks by Jodi Beamish; Popcorn LG by Jodi Beamish; Lizards, Frogs & Dragonflies, Gecko Border and Iguana Border by Deb Geissler (never used); Moo Ewe and Piggy 2 by Patricia Ritter; Flower Swirls e-2-e, Swirls Border 2", Flower Border 6" and Swirls Border 4"; Tibet by Sarah Ann Myers; Pine Tree Meander 9.5" One Pass Pattern; Winter Forest by Melonie Caldwell; Jessie's Swirls Simplified by Jessica Schick; Fantasy Flame Pantograph by Jessica Schick (never used); Oblique by Patricia Ritter & Valerie Smith; Daisies by Debra Geissler; Tannenbaum LG by Jodi Beamish; Blooming Feathers by Beany Girl Quilts; Banana Swirls by Barbara Becker; Cool Beans by Apricot Moon Designs; Overall Bear, Moose, Pines by Debra Geissler; Falling Leaves II by Sophie Collier; Triangle Maze by Janet Santeusanio; Blowing in the Wind LG (leaves and vine) by Irene Steele; Snow Winds by Barbara Becker; Yippee Ki Yay by Patricia Ritter; Flirtatious LG by Irene Steele; Dragonfly Pond by Tree Steele (never used); Twirling Feather by Jodi Beamish. These are now listed for sale at www.FoxtailQuilting.com under the "Shop Here" tab in subcategory "Notions/Patterns."
  7. I tested the color I thought was a good one, and it's perfect -- I think I need to trust my own thread judgment more! Thanks for taking the time to reply to my inquiry!
  8. If anyone has suggestions about thread color, please send a message. There's a lot of black on this and I'm quilting it with a "tannenbaum" (Christmas tree) pantograph. I'm leaning toward the thread on the right in the picture because it has less gold in it. My goal is to not use a dark color on Santa's face and beard (he's VERY large on the print), but I also don't want to clutter up all the black areas in the background and on the wide border with too light a thread color. Thanks!
  9. Hartley Fence for circles and diagonal lines. I purchased this in late 2013 with longarm machine. I ended up doing more t-shirt/memory quilts than quilt tops, so I haven't had need of this accessory. It does fit a Bliss Table. Asking $330 (includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail). This accessory retails for $595. A Hartley Fence photo is attached for reference. Please contact me at TamaraBobbitt@gmail.com or 713.301.2459 Thanks!
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