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  1. Cagey, I have never done any free motion. I sew a lot and do machine embroidery and like it. You can quilt on the embroidery machine but end up rehooping all the time and I do not like that idea. I have sewn some quilt tops and enjoy that part of the process. This is a new venture for me. I have played on a Crown Jewel at a local quilt shop for 15 minutes and liked that. It was a new item for them to sell so I was hesitant about it. I need to try some others before making a decision one way or the other. APQS seems like they have a good machine since they offer lifetime warranty. I se
  2. Thanks to all who responded! It's a big expensive decision and I am not sure I would have the coordination or the discipline to "practice, practice, practice" as several of you have suggested. I was hoping it would be something that you plugged in and could create fun things without practicing too much.... You know that instant gratification thing! ...Just wish I had a crystal ball to tell me if I would enjoy it or not before shelling out the money. Having admitted that, I am still dreaming of longarming! Hope to win the contest for the Millie! In the meantime I will get on YouTube and
  3. HI. I am dreaming of longarming. My question is... Do I buy a machine and then learn or take lessons somewhere and then buy a machine? It would be for just myself doing charity stuff .. Any tips for a dreamer? Thanks.
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