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  1. New circle rulers for sale. Perfect condition. $100.00 for all. 2" circle $12.00. ($20.00 new) 4" circle $8.00. ($15.00 new) 6" circle $11.00. (21.00 new) 8" circle $19.00. (35.00 new) 10" circle $22.00 (41.00 new) 12" circle $23.00 (45.00 new) Mystical Mini $5.00 (10.00 new)
  2. Thank you Barb. I had watched every quilt path video but did not find what I'm looking for. I'll watch them again. I probably didn't explain accurately. I'm looking for instructions for how to create a pantograph, quilt as a pattern and have the software automatically place each row accurately. Thank you, Jamie
  3. I see. I created the pattern for the 19.5 in height. I need to create the pattern for the entire height of the quilt for the placement to work automatically after I advance the quilt?
  4. Hi APQS: When you stitch a quilt path pantograph as a pattern then finish stitching the pattern how do you find the "Move to Left" "Move to Center" "Move to Right" options for the next placement? I found the APQS video on how to do this when you quilt the pantograph as a row but not as a pattern. Thanks for your guidance. Jamie Bennett REPLY
  5. I have a the new Millennium. Top thread continues to break. I use glide. I'm looking for a list of troubleshooting steps to follow. I've changed the needle, buffed the needle plate. Re-threaded multiple times. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you, Jamie Bennett
  6. My apologies. I sold this 2 weeks ago. I also thought I marked the entry as sold but... For future reference, the max length is 12 ft 6 in and the total weight for this frame is 370 lbs. Keep searching, Bliss table is worth it. Jamie
  7. I had to down size to a 10 Foot table after I moved. This 12 ft bliss table is boxed and ready to ship. Jamie Bennett Bellevue, Idaho 208-961-0064
  8. Hi Nette, Yes it's available. The table is 2014. It was new when I received it. Everything is straight. I'm just had to downsize to a 10 foot table after I moved. The canvases are good. No issues. I'm not sure on shipping costs. Karen McTavish was my sale representative. You could ask her about shipping costs. Are you close to her studio? Thanks, Jamie Bennett 208-961-0064
  9. Boxed and ready to ship from Idaho. I downsized to a 10 foot table after I moved. Will consider payments.
  10. 12 foot Bliss deluxe table for sale. I downsized to a 10 foot table after I moved. Boxed up and ready to ship from Idaho. Jamie Bennett
  11. Hi Allison, Thank you for the note. I made this table a few months ago. Found the table at a thrift store, spray painted it black, topped it with plywood, quilt batting then fabric. Found some instruction on Youtube. Do it! Jamie Bennett Quilts & Clay Bellevue, Idaho
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