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  1. It's still available! Please feel free to give me a call or send me a message with any questions. 715-892-3248. I have several pictures I could forward. Cheryl
  2. If you're still looking I have a very gently used 22" Innova with a 12' Table and lots of extras! Located in Wisconsin. If you're interested send me a message or feel free to give me a call. 715-892-3248. Cheryl
  3. Jim, So sorry I am just seeing your question now....I'm not sure why. ‚ÄčThe second set of rear handles were added so that they fit me better (I could stand up straighter) when doing panto's from the back. They can easily be removed if they are not wanted.
  4. Get those Christmas presents on your very own longarm. 22" with 12' Aluminum Pro-Frame, Lightning Stitch Regulator, Power Feed Auto Advance, Cross hatch Ruler Bar, Electric Channel Locks. Also included is extra 12' Aluminum roller that can be used for batting roll, separate Industrial Bobbin Winder, Red Snapper leader Grips, Towa Tension Gauge, several Bobbins and thread cones (many have never been used and still have wrappers on), approx. 10-15 pantographs. Excellent condition, very lightly used. Purchased in 2011 for over $18,000. Buyer is responsible for shipping and setup. Located
  5. This beauty is STILL AVAILABLE! Take a look and contact me with questions or additional pictures. Getting closer to moving time and it needs to go.
  6. Take another look. Price has been reduced to $12,000.
  7. Michele, I wish you could too. There may be some shipping logistics to figure out, but it can be shipped anywhere. If anyone is interested, let's talk and see what we can work out. However, northern Wisconsin is a beautiful place to visit...wink, wink. This is one GREAT machine, don't let shipping stop you from pursuing your passion!
  8. $11,000 FIRM. Final Price Reduction. Moving. PRICE REDUCED TO $12,000. 12' Aluminum Pro-Frame, Lightning Stitch Regulator, Power Feed Auto Advance, Electric Channel Locks, Crosshatch Ruler Bar, Red Snapper Leader Grips, Separate Bobbin Winder, Bobbins, Threads, Pantographs, Towa Tension Gauge and more. Purchased in Sept. 2011 for over $18,000. Excellent Condition - Gently Used. Will take down. Purchaser is responsible for pickup, transportation, reassembly and related costs. Please email with any questions or photos or if you'd like to take a test "drive". weRnorthWI@yahoo.com. $12,500.
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