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  1. Yes, I realized that the finer movements that I wanted to do need to be done with the stitch regulator turned off. i.e. Non-stitch regulated mode.
  2. Hi! Yes I did get everything cleared up! It took a while because we were on an extended trip, then my rep got injured. But she came through and actually came up here to my home, did some tweaking, changed my thread path and gave me my new owner class. I was very please. I just finished our sons's wedding quilt without a problem! And I have the "L" bobbins.
  3. What an excellent video! Thank you! Part 1... Did the bobbin tension test... Per Jamie Wallen's test, my bobbin tension was way too tight... I've loosened the screw and have my bobbin tension just as his video shows. I love his explanation of how the threads merge in the quilt sandwich... Gives you a great reference point... Stay tuned for Part 2... After coffee and a shower!
  4. Hi Mary Beth... I don't like the pre wound bobbins, so I wound a few of my own, some with YLI long staple machine quilting cotton, which I used on the top as well, and I also tried Connecting Threads Essential cotton thread, which is also a long staple cotton. Could you explain the bobbin drop test to me? I've heard of it, but not sure I understand what to do. I'm just so disappointed and frustrated! Such a large investment and a huge upgrade from my previous mid-arm setup, and such poor results. Should the stitch regulator be so jerky when doing small detailed work (like pebbles or
  5. Well, I must say that this is NOT what I expected... I loaded a practise quilt a few weeks back... just could NOT get the tensions right, with minor loops and eyelashing on the back, and eyelashing on the front when doing anything curved... but I finished it. It's a small lap-sized donation quilt for our guild, and no, I didn't pick it all out. Now I loaded a couple of yards of fabric, just to practise on (which is probably what I should have done in the first place). The top thread keeps breaking - anywhere from a few inches to a few minutes of stitching. During all of this, I w
  6. Hi Dena! I'm not near a dealer either. I'll be booking my beginner class soon. This machine is an upgrade for me, from a Bailey Home Quilter Pro 15, so I have some mid-arm experience, but I must admit, the Lenni is a bit intimidating! Hopefully we'll assemble it and get it up and running in the next few days! The missing two boxes were delivered today, but I'm down with a bad cold!
  7. Well, most of it anyway! The delivery driver for the final stage of the delivery, left two boxes at the depot in a nearby town! We can't set it up until the other two boxes arrive, but she's here and she's a beaut!
  8. Hi Dena... I am not sure, but everything I read and everything everyone told me, suggested that the Bliss upgrade is well worth it!
  9. I've been doing some reading about Leader Grips and Red Snappers, which are two products that seem to do the same thing. I'd like to get some opinions on these two products. Do they do a good job? Are they as quick as they seem to be in videos? Do you think they're worth the investment? Thank you!
  10. Congratulations! I retired last October, but we were so busy before Christmas, then we headed to Florida for 3 months. Florida was very busy... We're in an active 55+ manufactured home park and between biking, Pickleball, other park activities, socializing, having company etc., etc, the time flew and I did NO quilting! We're back in Ontario now, and it's sinking in now that I really am retired and not just on vacation! Take it slow, pace yourself and mostly , ENJOY! I'm looking forward to getting back into quilting and then getting to use my new Lenni! SusanH.
  11. I just thought I'd let everyone know that there are other custom table options available for the APQS machines! I got a couple of PM's advising me of this, and I called APQS this morning to confirm! Because of this information, I was able to revise my order to an 11' table! I'm super-pumped, as it gives me a lot more options for quilting! Thanks for everyone's comments and input! Susan
  12. Hi there... I've placed an order for a Lenni on a 10' frame. What is the largest quilt that can be quilted on a 10' frame? How close to the side of the frame will the machine actually quilt, and how much room do you need for your side tensioners? Do you think it would be possible to quilt a 110" wide quilt on a 120" wide frame, or would that be too big? Thanks for all your info and help! SusanH. in Ontario
  13. Hello all! I just want to introduce myself. I've just ordered a new Lenni and I'm super excited! I currently own a Bailey Home Quilter on a 10 ft Inspira iQuilt frame, so this is a big upgrade for me and something that I've wanted for a while! I'm a new retiree, living in Northern Ontario, Canada, but currently wintering in Florida.
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