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  1. Welcome to Charlotte! I am in Charlotte not far from Matthews. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. I hope you did! Alas my phone did not ring.
  3. So glad he is recovering well. I will be thinking of you all!!!
  4. Mercedes - I have the same question. I've been going to ACTIVITY, UNREAD, SORT BY TOPIC, APPLY but I'm sure there must be an easier way that I have just not figured out yet In the old forum I would look at the list of TOPICS with new activity. It was a quick way to browse new content by TOPIC and not by each individual entry. I'm sure I'm just missing an easier way to browse the new forum. I think the look of the new forum is very nice, clean looking.
  5. I had a similar situation with my Lucey. Support was very helpful and I ended up doing two things: 1. I had lots of metal vibrating on the top/back cover. They sent me extra pads to put inside the cover. I also had to do a bit of pulling and bending on the cover to make sure it was not vibrating. All is fine now. 2. After about a month my machine started "screeching". It ended up being an air pocket that formed. Support sent me the packing grease and I repacked the area. It wasn't fun but also not too hard. The worst part was having to remove the head off the rails. It took care of the screeching.
  6. Thanks, everyone. I have been researching these choices. That Quitazoid is fascinating to watch in the Youtube videos.
  7. I am doing the Kimmy Brunner Craftsy class and need some circle rulers. She recommends starting with three sizes roughly 3", 5-6", 8-9". She sells the rulers but her site says out of stock. Do you have a favorite brand? I have looked at Jamie Whallen's site and others. Do you like the open ones where you can do inside or outside OR do you prefer a solid one? If you use the open ones (with middle cut out) do you prefer the ones with a slit for bringing your foot inside? I am new to ruler work and with the high cost of these rulers I want to make a good decision. Thanks for any help! Karen
  8. I have done several with thick seams where several points meet. I did not have any needles break. I did pantos from the back and I did find it would "push" me off my line when I approached some of these bulkier areas. I just slowed down and curved back onto the panto line when possible. I would suggest a panto design that can accommodate potential bobbles and not look skewed. Mine were very organic and flowing and you could not really tell.
  9. Urban Elelmentz has a few on their site for free download. I think the Celebrate and Celebrate Petite are good beginner ones.
  10. Amazing. Love it. The colors and quilting are outstanding!
  11. My metal cover on the top/ back vibrated very loudly and shook the machine. I called APQS and they sent me several pads to place on the metal. It worked great. They were basically just the rubber/foam pads you see at the store for chairs or furniture (long rectangular size). I did need to do a little stretching here and there on the metal so it was no longer rattling. It took a few minutes to fine tune the fit but now it is great. A huge change in the noise and vibration levels. I also have a bit more black build up on the right side of the carriage (when looking from the front side). It appears these wheels may be rubbing more?? Would love to hear anyone's advice or comments regarding this.
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