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  1. Welcome to Charlotte! I am in Charlotte not far from Matthews. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. I hope you did! Alas my phone did not ring.
  3. So glad he is recovering well. I will be thinking of you all!!!
  4. Mercedes - I have the same question. I've been going to ACTIVITY, UNREAD, SORT BY TOPIC, APPLY but I'm sure there must be an easier way that I have just not figured out yet In the old forum I would look at the list of TOPICS with new activity. It was a quick way to browse new content by TOPIC and not by each individual entry. I'm sure I'm just missing an easier way to browse the new forum. I think the look of the new forum is very nice, clean looking.
  5. I had a similar situation with my Lucey. Support was very helpful and I ended up doing two things: 1. I had lots of metal vibrating on the top/back cover. They sent me extra pads to put inside the cover. I also had to do a bit of pulling and bending on the cover to make sure it was not vibrating. All is fine now. 2. After about a month my machine started "screeching". It ended up being an air pocket that formed. Support sent me the packing grease and I repacked the area. It wasn't fun but also not too hard. The worst part was having to remove the head off the rails. It took care of the screeching.
  6. Thanks, everyone. I have been researching these choices. That Quitazoid is fascinating to watch in the Youtube videos.
  7. I am doing the Kimmy Brunner Craftsy class and need some circle rulers. She recommends starting with three sizes roughly 3", 5-6", 8-9". She sells the rulers but her site says out of stock. Do you have a favorite brand? I have looked at Jamie Whallen's site and others. Do you like the open ones where you can do inside or outside OR do you prefer a solid one? If you use the open ones (with middle cut out) do you prefer the ones with a slit for bringing your foot inside? I am new to ruler work and with the high cost of these rulers I want to make a good decision. Thanks for any help! Karen
  8. I have done several with thick seams where several points meet. I did not have any needles break. I did pantos from the back and I did find it would "push" me off my line when I approached some of these bulkier areas. I just slowed down and curved back onto the panto line when possible. I would suggest a panto design that can accommodate potential bobbles and not look skewed. Mine were very organic and flowing and you could not really tell.
  9. Urban Elelmentz has a few on their site for free download. I think the Celebrate and Celebrate Petite are good beginner ones.
  10. Amazing. Love it. The colors and quilting are outstanding!
  11. My metal cover on the top/ back vibrated very loudly and shook the machine. I called APQS and they sent me several pads to place on the metal. It worked great. They were basically just the rubber/foam pads you see at the store for chairs or furniture (long rectangular size). I did need to do a little stretching here and there on the metal so it was no longer rattling. It took a few minutes to fine tune the fit but now it is great. A huge change in the noise and vibration levels. I also have a bit more black build up on the right side of the carriage (when looking from the front side). It appears these wheels may be rubbing more?? Would love to hear anyone's advice or comments regarding this.
  12. Mine came with a spiral bound notebook called Lucey and Lenni Assembly It takes you step by step through the process.
  13. I am so sorry about your father, and I'm sure your mother is thankful to be near you. I love this the story behind this quilt! Be sure and show us when it is done.
  14. SOLD - ALL SOLD I have the following pantographs and pantograph sets for sale. I purchased a bulk quantity from a friend getting out of the business and these are duplicates or very similar to ones I already had. They are used (except as indicated) and are in good shape. There may be some writing on the end where the rolls were labelled or numbered. Cost $6 Each (+ shipping) $18 Set (+ shipping) Let me know if you are interested and I will invoice through Paypal. Thanks for looking! Hermione Agee / Lorien Quilting ALFRESCO (11”) – Willow Leaf Studio ALLEGRO (2 Rows = 10.5”) FRISKY FEATHERS SM (5.5”) – Willow Leaf Studio Patricia Ritter ANTIQUE LACE (7”) – Urban Elementz SOLD APPLE ORCHARD – SET (10.25” panto; 5.5” border; blocks & triangles) BAUHAUS (10”) – Urban Elementz SOLD BELLFLOWER (6.25”) – Urban Elementz SOLD CELTIC BRAID (4.25”) – Urban Elementz SOLD EASTER LILY – SET (9” pattern – New in wrapper) EASTER LILY PETITE – SET (6.5” pattern – New in wrapper) FOSSIL (11”) – Urban Elementz SOLD LOVE DOODLE #1 (9.5”) – Urban Elementz SOLD PURPLE MEADOW – SET (10.25 panto; 5” border; blocks & traingles) SENSU (5.25") - Urban Elementz SOLD STRAWBERRY FIELDS (6”) – Urban Elementz SOLD TARO – SET (8.5” pattern; blocks & triangles) Donna Kleinke / One Song Needle Arts ACANTHUS (10”) DK3222 – Digitech DAHLIA BLOOM BORDER 1 (5” DBL) DK3428 – Digitech FORGET ME KNOT SASH (3” TPL) DK3274 - Digitech SEASIDE FEATHERS (9”) DK3808 – Digitech SWEETHEART WILDFLOWERS Sash 1 (5”) DK2106 - Digitech Lisa Thiessen / Threadsongs ARABIA (10.75”) – Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish COTTON (10”) – Willow Leaf Studio HOHO HOLLY (10”) – Willow Leaf Studio JOYFUL HOLLY (11”) – Willow Leaf Studio TANNENBAUM LG (9.75”) - Willow Leaf Studio WATERWORLD (8”) – Willow Leaf Studio Sophie Collier / Sew-Phie Quilts SPRINGTIME FLOWER MEANDERING (13”) WINDY MEANDERING (12.5”) Debra D. Geissler DOG 1 (10.5”) DOG BONES (11.5”) GINKGO LEAVES (11.5) – 2 available HAWAIIAN “HONU” TURTLES (12” Panto / 5” Border / 6” Border) Lisa Calle CURLY Q (10”) – Urban Elementz SOLD Jessica Schick CANNA LEAVES (16.5”) – Urban Elementz RANDOM CLAMS (9”) – Urban Elementz Kathie James DOG DREAMS (13”) Kristin Hoftyzer ALLEGIANCE (11”) – My Quilter
  15. I was in your shoes just a few months ago. I would have loved the Millie but knew my budget would not allow it. This is my first entry into longarming and I was very nervous I purchased a Lucey 10' blissed table and have had it about three months. Yes, I think you will be glad in the end that you went with the larger throat space. I posted a similar post to your's and that was the advice I received. I went with the L bobbin because it was the recommendation I received from my dealer. However, now I am doing a lot of pantos and wish I had the M. I really do not know much about the difference. There have been discussion about tension being better on the L but from what I am seeing on the forum that is not really an issue. I think those with M bobbins have been very happy. I wish I had done more research on that. I have been experimenting with batting. I am liking the 80/20 blends because I think they show the quilting better. I would not buy a large roll of anything yet. Get your machine and start experimenting with different ones first. Some batting tends to pull apart more when you are loading it and smoothing it on the frame. I purchased the Quick Zip zippers. I am using my machine for personal use right now and also have friends that come over to play. I wanted to be able to take my quilt off when they come and then easily put it back on. I would love to try the red snappers or similar products at a show. I love the Glide magnetic bobbins, but I don't mind winding my own. I have not even tried the bobbin winder that came with Lucey. My Bernina 440 winds a fantastic bobbin for Lucey. I purchased an extra bobbin case so that I have one for the magnetic bobbins (take the spring out) and one for my other bobbins I wind (leave the spring in). I purchase thread when I am at an APQS store (several hours away) and online from several sites. I am in the process of getting my tax exempt license and then you can purchase from Fil-Tec. I have had ZERO tension problems with my machine. The stitches have been fantastic. I have had a few minor issues with the machine but the APQS service team has been wonderful. They are very responsive and helpful. My best advice would be to take it one step at a time. I tried to rush into everything at once and it can become overwhelming. For example, practice loading, try a few methods and then start thinking about zippers or red snappers. Try the various thread samples they send and see what you like. There are many Youtube videos that are great for getting up and going. Angela Huffman at Quilted Joy also has a wonderful DVD set. There were a few moments in the first few weeks when I thought "What have I done?" However, now I feel so much more comfortable with the machine, with the processes and it is really fun. I know I will not be a pro anytime soon. I am just enjoying the process and can see I get a little better each week.
  16. So glad you asked this question, I was just wondering this today. I have a friend that will be doing a pantograph at my house. We know she will not be able to finish it in one session and will need to come back at another time. I have zippers. So, we pin the back to the zippers and then float the batting and top. Baste top/sides and do pantograph until she runs out of time. What do we do with the rest of the quilt that is still "floating" and not quilted or basted? Do we baste it all the way down? There will be no SID work since it will be all pantograph. I hope you get your machine working for you. It sounds like you have had a rough time with it
  17. Wow, wow, wow! It is beautiful. Fantastic job!
  18. Wow! I am VERY impressed. It is beautiful. Did you like the class? I just signed up for the Lisa Calle class at Iquilt.
  19. Yes, I actually have to turn off the light directly above my frame. Luckily there is one other light in the room and it is enough for me to work by. Is your entire panto area in a glare or just one part of it? Mine is just one end.